BOOM- DT Da'Juan McMillan- PORT ARTHUR, TX (MEMORIAL) commits. 05/27


(Patrick) #42

JD was wrong; never signed with us.

Edit: JD deleted his tweet.

(Eric) #43

Seems like God is using a particularly heavy handed thumb on our recruiting


Haha, not surprising. I don’t follow recruiting that closely but this guy was obviously shaky from the start. Hope CDH fills this spot with another DT.

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #45

this is funny. He did not sign and UH had actually moved off him for a reason. We actually tried to sign a kid who visited the last weekend before the early signing period but he signed with the ragin Cajuns.

Nothing to see here. The kid is just using the DH hiring as a way to save face and de-commit.


Kids will often save face in front of their friends, but these days it’s all about how others perceive you on social media. I have no problem with his image shaping move. Only problem I have is his phrasing about “no drama”, what’s that all about? lol

(Thomas) #47

This program does not need wishy-washy flakes coming into the program. I am glad that Hulk Holgo is vetting the ones that early signed and the remaining recruits. If they don’t pass muster…they gone.