BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)

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Pro Style QB Levi Williams from Smithson Valley (San Antonio area) commits - we are his first and only offer so far

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I was just in the process of creating the thread. We got our QB target for the 19 class. Briles and Applewhite were very high on him.

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This definitely came as a surprise


Very early commit (after just 1 offer), so I won’t necessarily hold my breath on this one. But if he sticks, we’re going to have some very good QBs on this roster who likely never play a down in college football unless they transfer. We’re too deep on young talent to keep kicking the can down the road with red shirts. It’s a great problem to have, but I have to believe at some point it will start affecting our ability to land really good recruits at that position. The really good ones won’t want to wait until redshirt JR or SR year to be a starter.


Amazing thing to me is he isn’t rated by 247 Sports. How did CKB find out about him?

On the problem of having too much talent at QB, an old saying goes “Good things come to those who wait”.

Also, if CKB runs the offense like he did at FAU, the QBs won’t be the stars of the show, it will be one or more of our RBs.

So QBs who sign with us because they think they will be putting up Keenum-like numbers are mistaken, I think.


I guess that depends on what Randy Clements can come in here and do. Makes me wonder if he comes in and tells the big boys, “Forget everything you learned last year” and just completely starts over. I wouldn’t be opposed to that.


I hope the O-line issues were coaching and not talent. Also, I don’t know what kind of QB and WR talent was at FAU last year, but we know King can throw, and we at least have fast WRs. If they can catch like Dunbar and Bonner then I think we have to throw as much as run.

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He was in for a visit just a couple of weeks ago and I imagine others on the staff knew about him prior to Briles arrival.


Deriq King
Bryson Smith
Julon Williams
Chance Amie (Almost)
Clayton Tune
Levi Williams

This is unreal


If he’s pro style, does it mean we’re moving away from the dual threat QB system? Kyle Allen and John O’Korn were pro style QBs and it didn’t work out well for either one of them.

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I doubt julon will be playing qb here but still a good problem to have.

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Julon will get a look at QB but the slot seems a nice fit right away. Wouldn’t shock me if he has a big true frosh year.


I also could see Julon have a really big freshman year playing in the slot. He will be hard to keep off the field.


I agree with this, i.e., that his chance at being on the field a lot is going to come in the slot. After high school, being a great WR starts becoming more about route running and less about sheer athleticism. Being blazing fast and shifty certainly doesn’t hurt, but it can be a big learning curve for some. If he can learn how to run great routes, and learn how to block, he definitely has the athleticism to be really productive, just like King was out of the slot for a year and a half. I’m just super excited to see exactly how much Briles and Clements are able to improve the offense from last year.

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This looks like a really good get. But we have also just signed Clayton Tune who is another good get. After reading young Levi’s statement about making his decision, I would be very surprised if he does not indeed sign with us.

We look to have a stable of really good QB’s in this and the next few years. I am curious to see who steps to the front of the line.

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He’s 6’ 4 1/2" tall as a junior. My guess is he’s still growing. He might be 6’-6" tall by the time he (hopefully) signs with UH.