BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #182

Logan originally committed to North Texas. Then to Bowling Green. Now likely walking on at UH.

Yes Levi has higher points. But looking at 247 he had NO other offers .

(Brad) #183

It would be quite interesting if Hurts was actually interested in redshirting a year. That would be quite a statement for the positive on Holgerson.

(Cary) #184

Might want to change thread title. Have to imagine it was because of Holgorsen’s son.


cant say im shocked

cdh said he was evaluating every signee

(Tom Green) #186

He met Levi in SA . Said son you know I have son your age n well… . Goodbye😁

(Thomas) #187

Obvious that Levi was enamored with playing for Apple Seed and Briles, but once that situation rotted, he saw the light and decided to move on. He should hook up and go to North Texas State. Might see him in the fall???


Not against us this past year. He played like a top NFL prospect. Same with Bowman at Tech. Coach No D was very good for the other QB’s career!


If he’s afraid to compete for the starting job, we are better off without him. If DH din’t want him, we are better off without him. This one year long thread turned out to be a monumental waste of time.

(Gerald) #190

I know I shouldn’t laugh but that was funny …


Pretty good arm!