BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #21

This is great news, love the recruiting strength at the QB position we’ve been seeing on a regular basis over the years.


(Alfred Matthews) #22

Levi Williams got a ranking on 247.

31st ranked Pro Style QB. 119th ranked player in Texas.

(Jimmy Morris) #23

I’m confused. Will we be running the Art Briles system or the Kendal Briles system?



(Patrick) #25

(G.W.) #26

He has some pretty speedy WRs

(Patrick) #27

(jimmyschofield) #28

I realize this kid is somewhat agile, as in he can roll out of the pocket and whatnot…but is anyone else worried about this offense and a pure pro passer? So far the only kind of success we’ve had has been with a dual threat.

(Alfred Matthews) #29

briles is running the offense and he knows what he is doing so no and case wasnt a dual threat.

(Charles) #30

Kolb wasn’t a dual threat.

(jimmyschofield) #31

I’m talking about since Applewhite has been in charge of the offense since he became OC in 2015. But Alfred brought up a good point. This will be Briles offense.


Looking at the QBs Briles had at Baylor, RG3 is the only one I can remember that was a true dual threat. But some of the other QBs (thinking Bryce Petty and Seth Russell) have been able to do some damage on the ground. Although, I think that’s more a product of the offense spreading everyone out. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to see what D’Eriq King can do in a Briles offense.

(Patrick) #33

Levi’s out recruiting others to the '19 class. Yesterday, he was retweeting a number of others guys who received offers.

(Ben B) #34

Love it. I was wondering if we were going to have one in this class. This gets me excited.


I’m a little worried. I think Tune will fit better because every Briles QB that we’ve seen has been more mobile than Levi. People made a big deal about KA and his inability to fit our old scheme and here we are again.:cold_sweat:

(Charles) #36

Jeeze people, the kid’s not even here. My answer is “no,” since I figure the coaches know more about this business than anyone here does. I guess some of you get paid per worry. What a deal.


I don’t think anyone is losing sleep. lol Some are just pointing out the style of QB and how it relates to Briles’ scheme.


Obviously we’re no longer looking for QB’s to run off tackle and try to avoid concussions so much as QB’s who can throw the ball timely and accurately 20-40 yards downfield.

To those still clinging to the old system, I think we should note that it’s time to “get over it.”

(sarkcoog) #39

We are not running Herman’s scheme anymore. We will be running Briles’ scheme. You are going to see more splits and better opportunity to run the ball. The Wide Receivers are going to be split wider and therefore more emphasis on a quarterback with a strong arm and accurate versus mobile/running. Of course, even better if you have all of it.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned Herman’s scheme. I think people might want to familiarize what Briles does (not Sumlin’s Air Raid) with his QB’s. It’s not too far off from what CMA has been wanting to accomplish as an offense. We also aren’t going to “air it out” like so many believe. Briles offenses usually lead the conference in rushing. I don’t think that that is any consequence of having a pure pocket passer for a QB. I do agree that having the ability to run in most cases helps. I have faith in our staff the Oline will get fixed; if not see point above.