BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)

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Assuming incumbency and seniority wins out:

2018 King Jr
2019 King Sr
2020 Smith Jr
2021 Smith Sr
2022 Tune Sr
2023 Levi Sr

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You are right above. I was not saying he runs an Air Raid. He will have wider splits in the line and the wide receivers further out on the edge. He also runs the wide receiver screen a lot, but a few yards wider than in Herman/Applewhites schemes. Those few extra yards makes it longer for the interior defense to get out on the edge and defend. It also requires a little stronger arm from the quarterback so a pass does not float allowing the defense better time to react whether to defend or possibly intercept.

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Levi had been hospitalized after an emergency appendectomy.

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Wish him a safe and fast recovery.

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Is Sherrie Williams Levi’s little sister? She’s way too young to be his mother. CMA looks like a kid himself.


Based on her other tweets posted on coogfans, she’s is mom.

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He has a younger sister n that I believe who is in the pic.

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The way they’re watching it, you might think he was a punter!

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Video at the link

Summer Spotlight

Levi Williams

Smithson Valley Quarterback

Recruiting: Committed to Houston

2017 Stats: Passing - 2,111 yards and 25 TD’s. Rushing 383 yards, 6 TD’s. Led the Rangers to a 10-2 record last season and trip to the 2nd round of the playoffs.


Wow. Did not realize he was in the hospital in April. That gangrene is seriously bad stuff.

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