BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)

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They aren’t kidding. Smithson Valley is in the same district as usual powers Converse Judson and Cibolo Steele.

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He better have some touch also.

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If you ain’t first, you’re last.

–Reese Bobby

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We sit down with 2019 QB Houston commit LEVI WILLIAMS!

(Cristian) #71

My age is showing this dude doesnt know who Bun B is… lol But he’s a good one ill give him that. He loves UH. Even said he’s coming for a championship and ring.

(Dan) #72

I know it’s been said before but this recruit is all over Twitter congratulating new commits and drumming up support for our incoming class. That’s a sign a commit is locked in to me, and that he is popular amongst his peers. Really appreciative of this guy.

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(David) #74

O’Korn was the last recruit I saw work this hard on the social media front for UH. It’s fun to see an incoming person get excited about the program and openly support it.

(Gerald) #75

I think you mean Ed. He was and is still all over twitter repping the Coogs.


Dixie Wooten too, although it hasn’t quite worked out for him yet.

(David) #77

Maybe so…for some reason O’Korn stuck out in my head. Maybe because he was out of state and one of the first to go on all-out Twitter blitz for UH. I am always happy to see incoming players repping UH so well.

(John Simpson) #78

Before O’Korn, Trevon Stewart was a heck of a recruiter for us with his class.

(David) #79

OK, forget I said anything…:sunglasses:

Now back to Levi…

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Williams named to 1st team all-region by Vype