BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)

(Ben B) #101

it would appear that Levi is recruiting him :slight_smile:

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(Kendall Barrett) #105

Man, this guy is the real deal…so happy to have him on board !!!
Go Coogs !!!

(Chris Vaughan) #106

Smithson Valley has always had a very strong TCU lean. I remember a UH coach telling me how they hid a kid from him because they wanted him at TCU. This is pretty significant from a recruiting standpoint.


Hmmm… So hiding players from UH makes sense. Those schools players came from the Dallas/ft worth would hardly gave UH a look.


How does he compare to Clayton Tune ?!

(Chris Vaughan) #109

They were never given the chance to look

(John Simpson) #110

So this change of attitude toward UH @ Smithson Valley: Is this an Apple thing, Kendal thing or what?

(Robert Swearengin) #111

For 2019 we seem to have a great thing.

An abundance of excellent QB’s.

(Chris Vaughan) #112

You have to get a stud QB every year no matter what happens. That actually attributed to the downfall of Mack Brown. He decided not to offer Andrew Luck because he had Gilbert coming in the following year and his program never recovered.



You can never have too many talented QBs. Most QBs believe they are the best.

Let them compete. Some will transfer and those that remain will be the best of the crop.

(Patrick) #114

Levi and his family, which includes the head coach of SV who is Levi’s father, have been overwhelmed by how down to earth CMA and CKB have been towards them. They didn’t lie, they didn’t blow smoke up their son’s butt, basically just came in and said that they’d take care of their son and ensure that he would come out a better man after he leaves college.


Imagine that, honesty.

(Ben B) #116

I really don’t get those that root against Applewhite. If he has a decent run here he will bring in some talent.


I don’t root against Applewhite but I am worried about us - financial and P5. NY6 bowl is $20M. It leads to more fans and TV viewers. Politics got Utah to Pac12. Winning and circumstances got TCU to B12. Potential TV markets get Rutgers and Maryland to B1G. So, we have to win and make people believed that we can run Houston market (UT and ATM always try to make people think the other way and they do) and play politics well to get us into P5 for the next round of realignment. 3 years (1 Herman and 2 Applewhite) of missing out NY6 bowls don’t cut it.

(Ashley) #118

Levi’s dad is not the head coach at smithson valley. That is and has been for years, Larry Hill. I live in Spring Branch (the hill country where SV is not to be confused with Houston-Spring Branch) and SV products are nothing in comparison to the big high school products out of Htown and Dallas. Hope the kid does well but glad we have options in the future at qb.

(Patrick) #119

My fault, I’m an idiot. Got him confused with someone else.


Agree, and who is to say that he hasn’t brought in any talent already. Most are underclassman and are waiting their turn. I have seen a lot of promise from the true freshman that got playing this year. I’m a big fan of Logan Hall.