BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)

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People expect him to pull a bunch of four and five star guys because HS coaches supported him and that isn’t how it works. Those guys won’t regularly come here until we are in a Money conference or win 10 games every year.
What it will do is we will get all the gems that are being overlooked because the coaches are going to make sure we know about them.


That said, we will get the 4 star every now and then, but we are getting almost all 3 star guys. It wasn’t that long ago that we would drool over 3 star guys. So the benefit of CMA is with his connections, the HS coach’s can steer those 3 star voverlooked guys our way.

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Sure hope he sticks with all the smoke around Kendal Briles right now.


In all honesty, you probably shouldn’t post in this thread if that’s all you have to offer on the subject.


You better not have voted for Individual-#1.

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Levi couldn’t have came in at a better time


Decommit? Transfer? Not sure how to classify this one.


What happened? Guess he is going to FSU with Briles??

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Or Miami with CMA. Best of luck to the young man. I trust CDH and move on.

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Pez will let him out of his letter of intent and he’ll be eligible immediately and we get his scholarship back.

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IMO what did it was Coach’s son coming in. Both freshman and 3 stars. He was very very strong commit and truly believe he would still be coming if not for Logan H. announcing he’s coming to UH !