BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)


No doubt

(Tom Green) #143

There will be more to come after this weekend if they truly don’t fit w new Coach. CDH will be meeting with ea one this weekend !


Not shocked! Everyone of the recruits are being evaluated.


Yep. I’m guessing this was a “didn’t fit the scheme” casualty. There will be more. We either trust CDH on personnel issues or we don’t.

(Kyle Caesar) #146

Damn, I liked him a lot. Best of luck to him. I think he’s going to be good.


After we lost that quarterback recruit to Syracuse last year, I’m not surprised.


I hope he doesn’t come back to haunt us like Ben Hicks from Smoo

(Tom Green) #149

well the rate we were going any QB could/would haunt us. What was the Army QB’s name again… Exactly. :roll_eyes:


Good luck to him. We still have Tune, Smith and Williams. With Logan Holgerson walking on.


Williams ? @Chester07 @mbtex

(Westhoff) #152

Seriously? Ben hicks sucked even smu fans thought he was bad.


Tate Martell is looking to transfer out of OSU. Wouldnt mind him coming to UH.


(JohnnyCougar) #155

Nothing earth shattering, diabolical or surprising.

I think we’ll be ok. I think he’ll be ok.

Madam Chancellor said something about she doesn’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here.


That foo beat us twice.

(Westhoff) #157

So… there were alot of othet factors for him beating us, like for example the coaching. Ben hicks is not a good qb, hell we lost to tulan and tulsa in 2017 and neithet of those teams had good qb’s.


He was pretty good… against us otherwise not impressed.


Julon Williams Played QB at Judson. Redshirt this year.


I’ll be interested to learn which team God picks for him to be on.

(Westhoff) #161

I have been told god wants him to go play for blue mountain state.