BOOM! RB Terrell "Smoke" Brown commits (Update: Signed)

(Kendall Barrett) #21

BOOM…Outstanding !!! Love The Boot !!!

(Patrick) #22

New coach, depth chart is wide open right now.

We are thin at RB after this year with 3 seniors and one redshirt freshman on scholarship. After this season, Brown will be competing with Kelan Walker (or more likely, sharing carries).

(Patrick) #23

(Patrick) #24


(Cristian) #26

He looks slow on film I wouldn’t be surprised if it were semi accurate.

(Chris Vaughan) #27

Our current stable of running back isn’t that great, in fact, they have been a disappointment to me. I had expected they would be better.

Smoke better have some giddiyap because slow doesn’t work at the D1 level.


His top end doesn’t look that great( he’s not leaving defenders), but he could also be one of those guys who aren’t track guys. People forget that football speed and track speed are two different things. There are techniques that can be taught to help kids run a faster time. One of the first thing coaches taught us in HS was about turnover, and he has very poor turnover. He should widen the length of his strides because shorting it up is not covering a lot of distance for him. I think that’s another reason he’s gassing out early on longer runs.

That being said, could have been a typo by 247; it could have been a 4.69 instead.


4.96 is offensive lineman slow. That’s got to be a mistake.

(JohnnyCougar) #30

I can run a 4.96.


We already have had speedy running backs but that hasn’t gotten us far.

I’m not real familiar with his offense but maybe they will put more weight on Brown so he can penetrate the D line and get 5, 10 or 15 yards. CDH has a plan.

(Ben) #32

Give me his 10 and 20 yard splits, they matter a lot more than his 40.

Mike Hart from Michigan ran a 4.77 combine, but with a 1.58 10-yd split. He set the school rushing record.


His short strides allow him to make quick cuts. He is also powerful for his size. He is more of an 8 to15 yard runner than 78 yard runner in my opinion.


He will develop once on campus

(Robert Swearengin) #35

How fast was Kenneth Farrow?

He was a fantastic RB for our Cougars.



(Tom Green) #37

I’m right behind you at 4.98 ! :weary:


Unless he become “smoke in mirrors” to the opponent because they can’t see him because he has already blazed the trail for the touchdown!


Let’s sign you up, Johnny. What size shoulder pads do you fit.

(Mike Higdon) #40

Pray, you are right, everythings open. New regime – you want to play, you win the right. Brown indeed has a chance to win the starting job this fall; but so does every other RB on the team. We have 2 new PWO’s that look really good to me, so nothing is guaranteed to anyone. Competition makes kids work harder. When kids work harder, they get better and the team gets better.