BOOM! RB Terrell "Smoke" Brown commits (Update: Signed)

(Mike Higdon) #41

I know know how fast I can run the 40; there’s no second hand on a sun dial.


Love the nickname!


Smoke Brown reminds me of the legendary Flint Tropics basketball player Coffee Black

(Munzell Milluns) #44

Reminds me of Eric Dickerson.Very elusive as he reaches the secondary.


He’ll be a valuable RB on rainy days…Smoke on the Water!

signedDeep Purple


I’m no running back coach but if it’s straight line, he’s gotta widen those strides. Pay attention to how low his knees are between strides, it’s almost as if he’s scooting instead of pushing off with power from the ground. At 6-0 he should be able to cover WAY more ground. 6-0 is considered a prototype NFL back because of length. I don’t think he’s 6-0 however,maybe 5-10 and some change. Nonetheless he should be a good running back for us regardless.


Now we need Fire in the sky!

(Patrick) #49

(Patrick) #50

Passionate kid


Fire in the Sky!

signed…Ozzy Osbourne


He reminds me of Hustlin Hugh who went to Fremont, Washington and the 49ers. This kid is an eye opener.

(Patrick) #53

Interesting take from a coach that doesn’t really have a stake in Brown or UH:


Welcome Smokey!

(Glenn) #55

Ok,if we got Smokey who on our team is the bandit?
Go Coogs !

(John m Bevil) #56

You got to like the fact he thinks big “3-4 years”?
Only big Ed has left in 3 years.

(Tom Green) #57

Recently Ayers and Howard Wilson left early. Wilson could have had 2 yrs eligibility left if I remember correctly.

(Patrick) #58

That was Howard Wilson, but you are correct that he had two years left when he declared.

Greenberry also left after 3 years.

(Tom Green) #59

Yes thanks. I meant Howard Wilson who’s been pretty much injured first 2 yrs. Think he needed to take care of family so he chose to leave early.

(Tom Green) #60

I didn’t include Greenberry since he said recent. Fig last 2-3 years.