Boom! S Ronald Nunnery commits to UH (Update: Signed)


Fantastic!!! He is one of the recruits I felt like we really needed to hang on to.

(Patrick) #22

Good news was also that Chayse Todd and Keandre Street were joking with him as well. Looks like all 3 will stay in the fold.


Awesome!!! Thank you Patrick. Those were three of the top four that I was worried about. We need secondary help so bad and build up some depth on the offensive line. We were so lucky this year that we didn’t have a lot of injury on the offensive line. Street will definitely help out as well have some graduating next year, it will help build some depth.

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Ron’s safe:

(Patrick) #25

He already signed in November, but he didn’t get to have a ceremony for it due to the playoffs.

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