Boom Wide Receiver Running Back - Davion Mitchell


Interesting pickup because there’s not a lot out there on him. 2 star RB from Rockdale who will play RB at Houston. Watching his HUDL, he has good speed and vision and made some nice catches as a receiver.

UCF and Boise State offered him recently after the COOGS offered so he’s not getting P5 offers, but he did get quality G5 offers.

Probably wouldn’t expect much from him early with our depth at RB right now, but I think he’ll be a name we’ll hear a lot of down the road.


This young man has HUGE potential, with that 4.42 speed he has… he can be another Anthony Aldridge…


Or maybe even another Anthony Alridge.


It is obvious the kid has break away speed, but I have seen his height listed from 5-10 to six foot. My early guess is that he can either a back or a receiver. With that kind of speed and those moves I can see him making a quicker splash at receiver…

Welcome Mr. Ford!!!

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Tyron Carrier…Pat Edwards. We need speedy and shifty guys.

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Yes, our league demands it.

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I’m glad coach Applewhite is bringing speed back to our skill positions; something UH lack last year with Ayers going to the NFL.


UH just keeps rolling along picking up those athletes flying under the radar. When the new August signing date gets here we will get fat off of all those late bloomers who didn’t blossom until their senior year… The B 12 will choke on what UH brings in that they overlooked. Well, maybe we’ll have to compete with Kansas but that will be fun.

It’s December and not August.

Good catch. I was thinking of one thing and writing another. I believe it was David Baliff who commented on it being in August and not December. The principle still applies. A lot of schools will fill their class early. Actually I cannot imagine high school coaches getting excited about recruiters being all over their teams during their season, especially those teams that make the playoffs. Big distraction…

Totally agree. Throughout UH’s history we have used smaller but much quicker and faster athletes to neutralize the size of other teams. Makes for exciting football.

You inviting him to dinner?

Or maybe another Quick6

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