BOOOOM DB Gleson Sprewell

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Has 3 years of eligibility left.

75 tackles which was 3rd on the team. Also had 2 picks, 2 fumble recoveries, 2 TDs off those turnovers and 6 pass breakups in 10 games.

Keeps our Safety depth strong.


Saw a tweet that this is Latrell Sprewell’s nephew, interesting enough

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If Anderson can get cleared to play this year it is safe to say we have significantly upgraded at secondary. And furthermore, we can say that CMA has definitely addressed a lot of our issues from this past year during the off-season. We have improved with our OC, OL coach, picked up several recruits for key positions. We just need to take the hype from paper and put it into production on the field.

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CD - What is the top area you feel you need to improve upon in order to see success with the Cougars?

Sprewell - I want to improve in my coverage. I want to be a safety with corner feet. Slow feet don’t eat!

CD - Is there anything you would like to say to all of the Cougar fans?

Sprewell - This program is going to do everything we can to bring a championship to the city of Houston! I hope you guys are ready because it’s about to be an exciting 3-4 years!