Boos are well deserved


Boos are for the Coaches.

The Students, both the Student Athletes and Student Fans deserve better than this.

This is on the coaching staff and the administration.

Smarter heads told the administration that these were the wrong staffing deci.

(greg) #2

i just stop watching

(Brad) #3

In my entire life,I can’t remember seeing a team down 14 with 3 timeouts and 2.5 minutes left in the half, run up the middle three straight times. Complete garbage. I didn’t boo, but that was complete garbage play calling. My God, those worshipping Briles are so far off the mark,

(brian D GALLAGHER) #4

Applewhite had the headset on. He was calling the plays


How do you know he was calling the plays? A lot of HC wear headsets.

(Brad) #6

Whoever was calling the plays, I’d like to punch them in the face.

(Ian Blake) #7

Send them to section 12x

(John m Bevil) #8

I love big Ed and all he has done for our program. I hope he is a high draft choice and gets paid, but he needs to tell the team he is done with college. When he works out during week and looks ready but then says I am not going to play, you can see the other players on defense saying if he not playing moral goes down.

(PortlandCoog) #9

And the kids know this how? I think it’s classless. But this will just be an endless circular argument.

(Randy ) #10

I hate that we need to have this argument.

(shharper01) #11

Yeah the players could think they are being booed for not executing.

(PortlandCoog) #12