Boston vs Milwaukee

… “Cream City.” I have never wanted a jersey more. lol :crazy_face: :sunglasses:


That virtual fan crowd is something else. They can push a button on their app to cheer or to clap and the sound is pumped into the arena. It is a hometeam crowd.

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lol they aren’t thinking.

If allowed, I’d push the button on my app to do a nipple twist like Farmer Fran in “the Waterboy.” :sunglasses: :crazy_face:

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Pandemic season where the players (other than James Harden) look out of sync and out of shape it is going to be Denver v Milwaukee in the finals.

I think there will be weird results with emerging talents like Doncic and Porzingis benefitting.

Lebron and Kawhi definitely have a lot to do to make sure they are still the best in this situaiton. Added adversity is interesting for players set in their ways when it comes to creating a winning environment.

Nuggets have players coming back, as do the Sixers. Have not seen much of Simmons and Embiid this season at all!

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NBA smh


Smh what?
Look up why they’re called cream city you clown

still a funny name. I thought it was because of the brewing industry–cream on top of the beer, but nope


What a horrible nickname…cream make me think about cream puff or tail whipped team.

I could give two shakes about Milwaukee. I’d just wear that jersey to Treasures. lol

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My statement was more about the entire NBA than one city’s jersey. I don’t care about Cream City. And I don’t want to waste bandwidth looking it up.

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