Bought Some Cougar Coffee

Picked this up at Katz Coffee yesterday. Will be great for those morning tailgates.


Gonna get me some of that.

Are there any places near campus to get this? Need to get a bag when I come down for the Arizona game.

Thanks. The shipping costs as much as the coffee! Their location should actually work for me to pick up since I come down 290 when getting into the city.

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Central Market carries it.

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Is it good?

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Bought some…I’m picking it up. They’re right around the corner from me

Nice! Katz makes good stuff. Will have to try it!

BTW - acquired an American Press a few weeks ago. For single servings, it’s hard to beat. Like a French Press but much easier to clean.

Been using some Duncan single origin – French press grind. Muy bueno!


Cougar Grounds, the coffee shop in the Hilton, at least used to carry it. I’ve gotten a couple of giveaway packages from Gourmet Night and it’s pretty good. Give them a call and support the Hilton College sometime when you are on campus during the week.

When the Mr Coffee dies I’m going this route.

Whoa, thanks for the tip! I’ll be getting one of those in the near future too!

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