Bowl Bid

(Dustin K) #1

Any chance we know our bowl bid after the weekend but before championship games?

(hersh levitt) #2

Who cares?


Seems probable, especially if the CCG winds up being Memphis @ UCF.


Go away.

(Jim Murphy) #5

Do you really want to see us get blown out again in the post season?


You can go away too.


Unfortunately these are the fair weather fans we picked up during the Herman era. They’ve never experienced some truly hard times that define true fandom.

(hersh levitt) #8

No not fair weather fan,been fan for 40 years and witnessed Dana Dimel and 0-11. Just stating fact that this Team has zero interest,does not play well offensively,defenesivly,special teams(except punter).Team has no life,underperforms,and watching UAB ot Middle Tennessee does not excite me.Obviously I am in the majority as you will see a empty stadium Friday. You get wehat you pay for and we have a bargain basement Coaching staff and this is what it produces. I feel bad for the players as they do not deserve the Coaches they were dealt.

(Jim Murphy) #9

If you are talking about me? I have been an avid fan of the Coogs. Back when we played in the Dome and Rice to the Rob and now the new facility.
I am self employed and did not purchase season tickets this year because I live 200 miles away and the burden of travel to Thursday and Friday games effects my business. Last year about killed me. I may not be a big donator but I am Cougar red and I am pissed at how we fave fallen in such a short time. I am not, "A FAIR WEATHER FAN and I AM NOT GOING AWAY TOO.


I️ know we’re all frustrated… but we can’t turn on each other. Winning cures all, and losing to teams in a way that’s depressing. I️ admit. Let’s show up Friday for our kids. Our team.


So then shouldn’t you support the players if you feel that they deserve better.


I am referring to the “Who cares?”


Not turning on anyone. I just think to come in and say “who cares?” to a post of someone who cares could have been omitted.

I understand the frustration. I’ve been through all the dark times and I won’t even start on what I have to go through to get my tickets. I understand all that to some degree. I consider myself done with these coaches as well but never the players. I was an athlete all the way through my first year of college and there is nothing worse than fans bailing on you.


…so…for a second, maybe third time if you count Texas Tech?

(hersh levitt) #15

I will be there Friday,As I have for almost every game for 40 years. Just saying the players and Fans deserve better than the bargain basement Coaching staff we have. The defensive co-ordinator was not even working last year,sure glad we pulled off a coo to grab him away from the Boy’s club. Sure hope the YMCA does not bid on him next year. Its a joke! O co-ordinator is 29 and has Zero experience. D Backs Coach was fired from UT.Running backs was the only person left behind by Herman(who even took the janitor).What does that tell you about him. Receivers Coach was graduate asst. we hired in pinch because Coach we did hire was let go in 2 weeks. As I say a joke. You get what you pay for.

(shharper01) #16

are they really a bargain basement staff?


No they cost a lot but they don’t coach up to their salaries.

(hersh levitt) #18

Yes they are bargain basement,being paid 1,400,000 total. Last years staff 2,400,000. As I say you get what you pay for

(Mike Higdon) #19

You don’t always get what you pay for; but you seldom get more than you pay for. But, I haven’t given up on CMA. I am giving him time to get his team together – one partial season is not a fair assessment.

(Ben) #20

It has taken Case Keenum a few years to come thru in Pro Football. It may take CMA and his gang a while for them to come thru . . . . . patience is a virtue . . . . .