Bowl Game?

(Will) #1

AAC fans saying Independence but I’ve heard Birmingham, Gasparilla weed-eater and Frisco as well. Which is it?

Peach: UCF/Memphis winner vs. At large
Birmingham: UCF/Memphis loser vs. SEC
Military: USF vs. ACC
Independence: Houston vs. ACC
Gasparilla: Temple vs. CUSA
Hawaii: Navy vs. MWC
Frisco: SMU vs. at large, hopefully an excess P5 team

(Patrick) #2

Jerry Palm has us in the Frisco against Northern Illinois:

SI has us in the Frisco against Marshall:

ESPN has us in the Gasparilla vs FIU and the Birmingham vs Utah:

Sporting News has us in the Hawaii vs Boise State:

Bleacher Report has us in the Frisco vs. Appalachian State:

SBNation has us in the Frisco vs Marshall:


Location sucks for travel but the match-up with Boise State would be pretty awesome.


N ill
App state

(Jay C.) #5

Lot of chatter out there about Independence Bowl. If SEC sends 3 teams to NY6(Auburn/Georgia/Alabama), they will not have enough remaining teams to fill their last 2 tie-ins, Independence and Birmingham.

None of the projection sites will have us there yet as we don’t have a tie-in, but Shreveport on the 27th is a likely scenario.

(shharper01) #6

SMU often slated for the Boca Raton Bowl. Is that lower rated than the Frisco Bowl? We get a C-USA team in that one (e.g., FIU) so it’s not too appealing from a matchup standpoint.

(Brad) #7

Those Frisco matchups look horrendous. Hoping for Independence…

(Dustin K) #8

I wish we didn’t have to wait until Sunday to find out. More time to make plans to go.

(Charles) #9

Just check my holiday plans, the Independence is the only one I can make.

(David) #10

At least one of three SEC teams you listed will be in the CFP so which team would be the third NY6 participant?

(Jay C.) #11

NY6 includes the 2 CFP semifinal bowl games
Cotton Bowl
Fiesta Bowl
Peach Bowl
Orange Bowl
Rose Bowl - CFP Semifinal
Sugar Bowl - CFP Semifinal

(David) #12

Got it now. Thanks. I knew I had to be missing something.


Lol Is this in real life?

(Alan Tran) #14

Give me the independence. Rematch against FSU! Would definitely go!