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This is from UH Of course, some of these options are if the other leagues don’t have enough teams to qualify, but i would love the Independance Bowl, or the Liberty, Frisco would be my 3rd pick just due to its closeness.

With the application, season ticket holders can begin planning for Houston’s bowl game by pre-purchasing tickets to one of The American Athletic Conference’s potential bowl partners: AutoNation Cure Bowl (Dec. 16 - Orlando, Fla.), Boca Raton Bowl (Dec. 19 - Boca Raton, Fla.), Frisco Bowl (Dec. 20 - Frisco, Texas), Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl (Dec. 21 - St. Petersburg, Fla.), Birmingham Bowl (Dec. 23 - Birmingham, Ala.), Hawai’i Bowl (Dec. 24 - Honolulu, Hawai’i), Walk-On’s Independence Bowl (Dec. 26 - Shreveport, La.), Military Bowl (Dec. 28 - Annapolis, Md.) or the AutoZone Liberty Bowl (Dec. 30 - Memphis, Tenn.).

(Monte P Gilliam) #2

i am not aware our conference had any tie in to the Liberty bowl or the Independence bowl…BOTH would have better opponents than any of our bowl tie ins last year…

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Every so often, that one is played in the driving snow.
Isnt Independence bowl an option only if ACC cant fill it?

(Patrick) #4

Looking at it, the Independence Bowl would normally pit the ACC’s 7th vs the SEC’s 9th place teams if neither had a team in the playoff.

Right now, the ACC will probably be able to fill the slot even with a playoff team while the SEC probably will not. Good chance we might end up there against someone like Louisville.

The Liberty Bowl pits the 4th best Big 12 team vs an SEC team if neither has a team in the playoff.

The Big 12 has 5 bowl eligible teams now so they’ll be able to fill their spot. The SEC’s spot is part of 6 other bowl bids that are assigned to their 2nd-7th place finishers based on differing criteria. As of now, the SEC has 8 bowl eligible teams so they’d have to have 2 make the playoff and none of the other teams become Bowl-eligible. Wouldn’t bet on that happening.

(Dan) #5

I know I’m asking a lot here but any bowls besides these 3 PLEASE:

  1. Hawaii bowl no one cares or can go to it. School would probably lose money if they brought the band and everyone. Bad memories when we played there. But I’ll be happy for the players nice trip.

  2. Bad boy mower gaspirilla what even is that? It’s just a bowl asking to be made fun of. Next.

  3. Frisco. A soccer stadium? Come on. Plenty of football stadiums in the metroplex to choose from.

So yes any bowl but those three. Please. We’ll take what we can get though.


The Independence Bowl? In Shreveport? People would be excited about that?

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I guessed it was to match up vs an SEC team. Its why I asked earlier if the ACC couldnt fill its slots.

(Mike Higdon) #8

My wife would definitely be down for the Hawaii Bowl, that would work for me.

Now who wouldn’t want to go to the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl? I mean, besides you. OK, besides those other people everywhere. But, you have to admit, the name is cool.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #9

(Gary Taylor) #10

I like theidea of the Independece Bowl. Will be there if Coogs are playing.

(Jay C.) #11

Ordered for Frisco and Independence. Making a Disney trip in February with the family, so anything that requires getting on a plane is probably a no-go.


It is an old established Bowl just like the Liberty Bowl and not too far a drive…


If they raffle to win this pink one, I’m down!