Bowl projection - Aggy in Birmingham

Wasn’t planning on making a bowl trip, but I might change my mind if this is the matchup.


Sweet mother of god I would love that .

100 times, YES!

I was thinking the exact same thing. My wife is an Aggie, but not one of those annoying ones. Would be a nice road trip with some friends.


Love is blind.


No, she’s not annoying because she doesn’t really care about Aggie sports. If we lose, she’ll be more concerned about my mood than she is happy about her Aggies winning. That’s why I love her!


The SEC office wouldn’t allow A&M vs TTech last year. They’ll allow Houston v A&M match up?

Wouldn’t that be a matchup…

Probably, since we’re not in the Big XII.

What did the SEC office have against Tech?

Everything you never wanted to know about the Aggy-Tech bowl matchup that didn’t happen:

A&M would burn down ESPN before letting that happen.

Wow! So the SEC is scared of A&M battling Tech for Houston recruits? Really!?!

SEC afraid of losing…

Surprised by that projection. The Birmingham gets the SEC #8, and it’s more likely that Arkansas or Ole Miss end up there. A&M has UTSA next. They won’t do any worse than 8-4. Arkansas has four losses now, and Ole Miss has five. Makes no sense to have South Carolina in the Belk and Kentucky in the Music City. Both will likely end up 6-6.

The SEC doesn’t allow the bowl to choose. They assign teams to bowls based upon matchups that favor their teams and where a matchup can’t do damage to their brand. Read the above story regarding the Tech-aTm never-happened bowl game.

Yes, I’m aware of that, but even so, an 8-4 A&M is not going to a lesser bowl than a 6-6 Kentucky or South Carolina. If we go to the Birmingham, we’d almost surely play either Ole Miss, South Carolina, or Kentucky–outside chance we’d get the Hogs. Best games for our fans would probably be Arkansas or Ole Miss. Best chance for a win would likely be South Carolina.

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