Bowl projections for UH, AAC and other Texas schools

(Patrick) #1

Not great options, but at this point, a bowl is better than no bowl.


I’d make that trip. Boca Raton is a nice area. Are Florida winters like ours?

(Patrick) #3

Much warmer


lol Well at least there’s that.

(Bryant Hargrave) #5

Man ugly list for us. But something is better than nothing I guess. Mediocre teams get mediocre bowls


2 predictions vs FAU and Lane Kiffin


And with the way things are trending, we’ll get our ars handed to us by FAU too.

(CoogDentist) #8

Right now I will be surprised if we make a bowl.


Ironic if we get Kiffin in Boca. Saw predictions with us in Frisco playing N. Texas, Ohio or UTSA that seems more likely IF we even make a bowl