Bowl Projections - Week 9

Jerry Palm has us in the Military Bowl against Georgia Tech. Not sure I’m crazy going back to Maryland to play an option team. again

SBNation has us also in the Military Bowl vs. Georgia Tech:

Campus Insiders has us in the Birmingham Bowl vs. Kentucky

FYI, there is no order to bowls selecting, i.e. this bowl picks first this one picks second. The bowls are “arranged” by geography and matchup. I guaran-dang-tee you all we are going to play an SEC team in Birmingham since Navy has the auto to Armed Forces. Unless some miracle happens and we play for the conference championship, start making your plans.

Most bowl projections have UH in Birmingham or Military Bowl

Wherever it is, it is important for us to have a good turnout. We want more for our program and our conference, we have to do our part.

Not to worry … GT may not make it with their tough final schedule plus their HC chances of surviving are worse than the tuna man. We will probably get another ACC opponent … maybe.

WHO BTW is playing these days in the Birmingham stadium … Bama no longer plays there and UAB is GWTW … maybe HS’s from that region. Anyway it must be in total disarray and falling apart from disuse making the upper decks at Rice (splinters in your patootie heaven) look like Jerry’s Palace.

It would be nice to win out even if it’s a lower bowl. Because of next year’s preseason rankings.

I’ve seen Miami as much as I have seen the other two.

Miami would be nice. Where can I get a UH Speedo?


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