Bowlsby on expansion

(Munzell Milluns) #21

He’s a lying piece of ###

He knows that BYU moved the needle plenty. The B12 just tossed it when the Code of Conduct issue reared its head. They wanted BYU.

(P5_OR_BUST) #22

The problem is that they needed 2 programs to move the needle. Even if BYU did, if they didn’t have a program to partner with, expansion was a non-starter. I wish someone would leak that media consulting report with provided media value details.

(Monte P Gilliam) #23

NO…BIG GOR expires in 2023 ans THAT is when things will start to pop…Likely things start to happen at least a year BEFORE expiration…They want new members lined up…Big 12 GOR expires in 2024…OU and Kansas will be out the door by then…doubt there will be any waiting till 2025…

(Monte P Gilliam) #24

Brett’s not talking about Big 12…he is talking about bigger smarter people like BIG, and possibly ACC and PAC…who KNOWS what the hell Big 12 will do, but they’ll do something when lynch pin schools are heading out the door…and i dont see Texas staying once OU is headed out…My GOD, their AD comes out and says re alignment always happens…laying the ground work…
For all you naive ninnnies who think everything will stay the same, i have some swamp land in Florida to sell you…


You are so right. All those that called for the final nail in the Big 12 coffin were just pissed that we got tooled (again). While I was pissed about it I didn’t let it blind me from the fact that our natural enemies are here in the great State of Texas and even Okkahima but I don’t see a scenario that puts us in the Big 12 where I think we should be. I hate the AAC because of the teams we play. Tell me all you want that I should get excited about playing Temple but I just don’t give a rats arse for them or the majority of the left overs in our so called conference.
Maybe the PAC? Some people like the ACC but not me. Our options for a big time program are very very limited.
Go Coogs!

(Brad) #26

Texas and OU are tied at the hip and will end up in the B1G, due to money and academics. The B1G already makes obscene money, and those two adds will make even more. Follow the money with UT, and that is to the B1G.

UH just needs to keep doing what they are doing. 2020-2023 are the key years UH needs to prove itself in Tier 1 academic advancements and on the field.

(Dave) #27

I have stated it once … I will state it AGAIN …

When the playoffs go to eight teams … AND THEY WILL … hopefully soon …

Litigation will demand … five P5 championship teams winning their conf … the best G5 conf champion … and two at-large teams (P5 or G5)

THEN the KEY will be … STAY IN THE WEAKEST P5!!! …

Going to the killer teams SEC or B1G and you will never see the light of day … playoff-wise … however … you will make a LOT OF $$$ …

UT and OU leaving the Big12 would be just fine with its remaining members … just add some of the better G5 teams to keep its P5 status … and your best team winning the conf is in …


The million dollar question is, will the B12 keep its P5 status after UT and OU leave? I think the other 4 power conferences will say the B12 is weaker and drop it to G6. The networks will say the B12 is a lot less valuable and give the conference less money.

We are not going to know the answers until it starts to happen but it is fun to speculate.

(Trent) #29

What about the idea that the numbers of schools in each half need to be kept about even, so that a have-not majority couldn’t form to force “radical” changes? It would either be ensured that the bug 12 is adequately restocked, or you’d see the 4x16 conference thing with a corresponding consolidation of g5 conferences to keep things balanced.


As a research university, Oklahoma earned Carnegie tier 1 status 4 years after UH. They do not even come close to the academic status that the B1G requires. In addition, UT and OU are no more “connected at the hip” than UT and TAMU.

(Brad) #31

False. I graduated from UT. OU has always been our true rival. A&M’s treachery brought Ut and OU closer as partners. Think what you want, but UT has never considered Aggy anything more than an annoying little brother. Now they are the lying cheating little brother that left in an effort to trump big bro. We will see what happens. But after reading UT boards daily for the last 17 years, I’m telling you UT and OU are going to stick together. You think both administrations aren’t thrilled that they played twice this year, with one going to the playoffs to play Bama and one going to NY6 to play Georgia? This is exactly what they want.


I don’t think the B1G cares about academics when considering a blueblood to join them like OU. If you are not a blueblood, then it will be all about academics to get into the B1G.

Do you think they selected Rutgers because of their football program? They selected Rutgers because they are near the New York TV market. $$$ Oh and their academics conveniently fit the B1G.

The B1G already distributes $51M per school. If they get UT and OU, it will probably be $70M per school. Where do you think that extra money is coming from? You guessed it. The B12!! The B12 will probably get $8-10M per school instead of $36M if the networks feel generous.

If OU and UT go to the B1G, it would help balance their divisions.

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Just a minor correction. The Big 12s 2018 -19 media payout is expected to be close to $40 million. With OU in the playoffs and Texas in the sugar Bowl, it could be even higher.


Okay thanks. I thought I read where they were going to get $51M this year.

(P5_OR_BUST) #35

$51M seems a little high even if you include all 3 tiers. For Texas all 3 tiers will net $55 million, OU about $49-51million. Others will get lower of course because their T3 deals are small.


Here are some articles I saw.


UT grad huh?

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Don’t both schools reference each other in their fight songs?

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I have one from UH too.


Atta boy!