Bowlsby on expansion

(Brad) #41

Well, now “And it’s goodbye to A&M” has real significance. Do you think Michigan thinks Ohio State is their rival or Michigan State? UT isn’t separating from OU anymore than Michigan is separating from Ohio State.

The rich are gonna get richer, and UH better figure out a way to attract and pay for an elite staff because we probably have one shot in the next realignment to get a seat at the table.


The Big 12’s ideal season is one in which Texas and OU play in their so-called “championship” game. They got that this year, so they are happy.

(P5_OR_BUST) #43

Looks like the Big 10 wants to emulate the Big 12 CG. Maybe the Big 12 is on to something in how they crown their champion.

(Steve O'Keefe) #44

“Alston trial could have huge influence in realignment.”

(Al) #45

Four super-conferences. 16 teams each. Still think it’s happening.
Hope I’m wrong.


4 x 16…I think we get in IF it is the Big 12 that is picked apart.

Here are the available spots:

B1G - 2 spots
ACC- 1 spot assuming ND becomes a full time member
SEC- 2 spots
PAC- 4 spots

9 total spots will be open.

The 3 that are definitely safe are Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas…that leaves 6 spots.

Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State and possibly TCU could be left out. We just have to be more attractive than that group.

IF Texas goes to the B1G…the PAC could add Texas Tech, Houston, Oklahoma State + 1 other for a central presence.


If B1G gets OU and UT then yes the others 3 will also go to 16. Boise State might be that 4th PAC16 team.