Bracketology and UH / AAC

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79% chance at a bid.

(Mark) #2

Still feels really shaky. We need another big win, but we get two cracks at both Cincinnati and SMU so there’s plenty of chances.

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So losing @ Memphis is now worse than losing @ Tulane and losing to UConn is even worse? My how things have changed so quickly.

I like that the Coogs are already being talked about for the Tourney. They will need to have some key wins and avoid the head-scratching losses but at least it appears the need for lobbying their case is minimal at this point. This is great progress!

(Brad) #6

I’ve not been following Arkansas very closely, but their results over the last 6 games looks shaky, especially that loss to Miss St. We need to win out, but we also need our resume to help us out.

(David) #7

Miss St is a tough one to figure out (12-1 at home and 1-5 away/neutral) but a 3-pt road loss for Arkansas at Miss St is not that bad. I am more concerned about their home loss to LSU than the road loss to Miss St. Arkansas had a nice road win at Georgia recently though and get a shot at Oklahoma State next. OSU is 0-4 in true road games and Arkansas is 10-1 at home. Since UH played 2 SEC teams and 0 Big XII teams, I assume I should root for the SEC to win their cross-conference games this weekend (among other reasons)?


Team Rankings bracketology ranks 111 out of 113 tracked by the Bracketmatrix.

The consensus Bracketmatrix is much more accurate.

We are currently last 4 in.

(LeeH) #9

probably the next 5 games will determine that.

usf, cinci, ucf, smu and Tulane.

go 2 and 3; they’re probably out, 3-2 still on the bubble and anything better than 3 and 2; they’re in barring a collapse at then end of the season.