Brandon Middleton wins state championship with Little Rock Christian Academy

(Patrick) #1

He’s currently the OC for the football program:

Potential OC candidates

Wow!! I know that it is high school football versus college, but he would be a great person to keep in mind for the future. One it looks like they are very well-balanced and very efficient. A bonus is that he is alumni and is familiar with the system that we run. Also by looking at these numbers, it looks like he may be running a similar style offense.


Middleton is a winner at the HS stage, but we should be wary about making former UH athletes our coaches. Kingsbury loved TT and he was fired. Did it change how TT grads and fans feel about him or vice versa? I’ve seen how badly members of this site treat coaches who struggle in their craft. I would prefer to think kindly about former UH athletes and let them think kindly about us.