Breaking down 2018 UH football: Running back

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Really interested to see how this shakes out. Justice started with the 1st team on Saturday and Car was with the 2nd team. Mitchell came in for Car on the 2nd series, but was injured. Justice and Car then alternated between 1st and 2nd team the rest of the day as all of the other RBs weren’t in pads.

Bodes well for Kelan Walker if he can get up to speed quickly in the summer.

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What was the nature of Mitchell’s injury?

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Not sure; just know that he was in for one series and then had to go back to the locker room.

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Thank you for the update. Of course you don’t want to see anybody get injured but when we’re talking about a running back, shoulder injury is much better than a knee injury.


And getting injured in the spring right before the last spring practice is infinitely better than a fall injury.