Briles contract details

(Cary) #1

$700k in compensation a year. No buyout after 2019.

(Cristian) #2

So we get a new coordinator in 2020? Can we just start the search now so we’ll know by the time the bowl comes.

(Cary) #3

Or we sign him to a new contract at $1M per…

BTW, Clements is now at $400k per year.

(David) #4

Head coach in waiting

(Cristian) #5

Or hear me out. We get someone who can also run an up tempo offense? lol

(Mike Higdon) #7

What, that would be another down the hall hire so many have been complaining about when we hired CMA. But don’t worry, CMA will be here a while.


Mike Nesbett was about uptempo

(David) #9

It was more tongue-in-cheek but I hear you. I figure either Major will be wildly successful and turning down offers left and right OR he is fired. I don’t see a long tenure at the current rate.

(Munzell Milluns) #10

Based on his inability to prepare teams for games I don’t think his tenure will be long here.

(Cristian) #11

I see major as Kelvin Sampson. Not the same fiery responses but he’s intelligent, transparent and he knows football. I also want to add hes not prideful. Which gets alot of coaches fired for sticking to the same thing that is not working. I think if we give him time we can become great under him.

Continuity is the only way we can stop being a stepping stone and start getting 25 scholarships worth of players with 2 deep or 3 deep players ready to play. I see why we’re making it easy to let briles go after 2019. The information he’s providing us is more valuable than anything else.

Everyone thought Kiffin leaving Saban was going to be bad for Saban but his OC’s just get better. Its continuity. We forget Bama was mediocre Before 2007. Im just tired of these old hires who showed no loyalty before still taking advantage of us. Like that one X-girlfriend you had that comes back for your money.

(zx504) #12

She didn’t come back for the money, she came back for the “money.” :slight_smile:




CMA is gonzo next year IMO. Either the Wicked Witch of the P5 or The Axeman cometh

(PMM) #15

Did you just compare Major to Sampson and Saban in the same reply ?

(David) #16

I see him more as Brooks than Sampson but without the Cougar blood. Sampson had already climbed the MBB HC profession to lofty heights before events brought him to UH from the NBA.

(VancouverCOOG) #17

Imo, he’s the complete opposite of Sampson.

(Cristian) #18

I mean Sampson inherited a short roster. Some people wanted him gone after 2 years saying he wasnt the answer. But gave him time and look what kind of a team we have now. A competitive team. These things take time its not some magical potion with everyone. What that dude up in Cow town did was special yes but, he had alot of people hurt and he lost key games also. He left us with a team without many recruits and limited in certain positions. Imo CMA just needs time. Im willing to give him 2 more years to get us back there where we all think we belong.

(PMM) #19

Who exactly were those people ??

Me thinks they were the coaches at other AAC schools :sunglasses:.

(Tom Green) #20

Sampson is like 25+ yrs older than Major and been HC at College level for over 30 yrs. Where do we get these comparisons from. IMO there are nothing a like. CKS is fiery during games was same way back when he was at OKLAHOMA. CMA is laid back shows very little emotion ( most people don’t like that…doesn’t bother me), doesn’t seem to care to talk much or go into detail w media, where CKS definitely will and tell stories etc. We will have to disagree on that observation.

(Randy ) #21

They also took over much different programs in terms of wins, talent, facilities, you name it.