Briles contract details


How does UCF manage it?

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I will work under the assumption that you are truly ignorant of their coaching history and not just being facetious. They had the same coach, George O’Leary from 2004-2015. He did very well there until his last year.
He had four double digit win seasons including a 12-1 season in in 2013. He was 9-4 in 2014 before his infamous 0-fer season that got him fired.
There was a decade of good recruiting left behind for Frost and even Huepel’s upperclassmen will have been recruited during that stable period.


They’ve had three coaches in four years. how can “a decade of good recruiting” matter, when players are only eligible for four years? I don’t think there’s anything “ignorant” about that.

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Now we know you’re just being a troll since I already explained that and juniors and seniors this year were O’Leary recruits. Let alone in their first undefeated season the entire roster except freshmen would have been O’Leary recruits.


But O’Leary seemed on a downward trajectory when he left.

Let’s have a conversation that doesn’t resort to name calling, OK?


The last O’Leary recruiting classes didn’t finish better than 3rd vs other AAC teams. And the obvious most important player Milton was a Frost recruit. Frost had the #1 class in the AAC his 1st year, something O’Leary didnt do