Briles talking with Florida State


No they don’t work in a factory. Are we not familiar with the various definitions of the word production? I’m trying not to be a jerk here but you’re really pushing. Could the word production be closely related to the word coordinator? Is it quite possible that the reason he’s being offered a job at FSU is that they were able to grade HIS production? Don’t do this. You’re deviating away from the initial point and attacking the use of vocabulary.

It’s no secret that coordinators are judged on how well they can teach, have their players execute their roles, and how effective those two factors are. You lost me with mention of injuries though. Not sure of the relevance to all of this.


I figured the new contract would give us at least the off season and a couple of games in 2019 before these discussions started.


I understand upward mobility, but as fans I think most of us are more than a little sick of these coaches riding the coattails of outstanding football players. He didn’t exactly look like a genius without D’Eriq King in the Memphis game.

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Isn’t it a bit premature to start dumping on a coach, fellow alumnus, that almost every single person wanted as OC? I retired from a company after nearly 30 years of service, but that’s hardly the norm today – and never has been for coaching. It never hurts to talk about a possible career changing opportunity.

Hope KB stays with us for at least another year, but why should he or anyone else be an exception? Didn’t Hermroid’s contract have a bonus provision for P5 membership? He had a choice between to national powerhouses. Money was no object.

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i originally thought the same thing. But Kendal’s extension was leaked out on November 28, and Walt Bell wasn’t announced at UMass until December 3.

So they had to have contacted Kendal after the extension was announced.


He didn’t look like a genius against SMU’s DC either. But he is a good coordinator nonetheless. If he wants to leave then, he can go. I’ll take Vaughn’s advice and take it with a grain of salt. Maybe the article was pre-written before the contract finalized and was just published. I hope talks started prior, (of course) ,but if they didn’t, then I hope our officials were still searching.

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Briles is an excellent coordinator. Anyone who says differently is ignorant.


Coaches used to be considered teachers. Not anymore, for the most part. They’re opportunists with the profit motive as their highest priority. A teacher doesn’t make students a means to their ends. Teaching and learning for coaches is secondary at best.

Well, it appears again the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.


If there’s a buyout and he pays it then he didn’t breach the contract.

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Coog2088: The sooner YOU go the better.

C’mon Man…he’s one of the brightest minds and hottest prospects in College Football, why would you NOT want him around for as long as possible?


Ignorant is implying they don’t know. They know, they’re just trying to devalue him to help them get over this potential break up.


Some coaches sure, but there’s also been coaches who have been dirty and abusive. They’re held in high regard because they won. It’s like the bs about the Junction Boys…ooohh they didn’t drink water, they almost died…that’s football!! Actually it’s just really stupid.

I can’t blame coaches, they have to kiss the ass of entitled high school kids to come play for them and then get blasted in the media if they lose and have their job status debated by people who really don’t know anything about football.

Once universities decided to make coaches the some of the highest paid people in their state this is what you get.


I will be supporting UH long after Briles. I never wanted any rape-enabling coaches here. It is obvious he does not want to be here. I stand by my statement the sooner he and Clements leaves the better off we will be.

It is rumored he wanted his dad on the staff at Texas State. Would he do that when/if we offer him the head coaching job next year? The sad part is some cougar fans would not mind.

I felt Applewhite was the best of the 4 reported coaching candidates. Even though Applewhite has been a disappointment, I doubt Miles, Kiffin, or Orlando would have fared better. I would rather lose than employ people like Briles or Kiffin.

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This close to calling KB Benedict Briles 2.0


Oh boy. It’s getting dark in here.


Kendal said some pretty stupid things to recruits but it’s not proven he was as negligent as his dad. If the rumor is true that he wanted to take his dad to Tx St then he’s a complete idiot.

His dad should not be employed by any university again and you no I don’t want to hear about the “never convicted in a court of law” bs or scapegoat.

Kendal probably used Tx St to get a better offer from UH which is a smart move.


Baylor seems to have had massive institutional issue. Football, Basketball and baseball have all had some major issue with murder and rape at the top of the heap. Of course the bigger $$ programs are going to come after him, he’s one of the top young up-and-coming OC’s in the nation. If you’re good at UH they’re coming for you…if you’re mediocre, they’re aren’t, is bottom line @UH


It seems there will always be some folks on here with negative, self-righteous, uninformed and unjustified criticism. I’m thankful that UH’s President and Athletic Director are both more thoughtful and optimistic, and choose to operate at a much higher level of thought and decision making.


We both agree here only…Kiffin, what a joke!!!


All of these rumors can only hurt our recruiting. Either leave or publicly put the issue to rest Briles. Sick of our recruiting suffering because of selfish coaches who can’t make up their damned mind.