Briles talking with Florida State

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Who in the world would hitch their wagon to Willie “Get on the Bus” Taggart?

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Thb i wouldnt mind collecting from his buyout and promoting clements, art just sogned a deal here, buyout would be 2.1 million. We could use that money on a dc


Good idea. The next question is would we offer Clements the same as FSU? I’m sure CKB would want him to go with him.

(David) #46

That right there is the face of sub .500 [last season and career] football making $5 mil per season. Well done, FSU!


easy come easy go… I learned in my very first job that we are all replaceable… let’s not be too dramatic if he leaves…

(Jerrycoog) #48

If he leaves Opie needs to hire a capable replacement or he will be gone too this time next year.


And please, if he leave, don’t trust any other coaches opinion…go and research the guy yourself. Watch his style of play…no, coach Orlando told me about this guy, so I will trust him. Coach Orlando wanted Your Job.


We’re all expendable is what Uncle Sam taught me :grinning:

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But…but…Briles loves Houston and his wife is active in the church and he considers UH family.

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This could be nothing. Dude just signed w UofH - $2.1 million. It wouldn’t be the first time a journalist didn’t do their homework. Other reports indicated KB is interviewing w UT tomorrow and was contacted by FSU after his new deal with us.


Always blame the journalists for news you don’t like.


Briles is gone.


Unless I’m missing it (which is probably the case), I don’t see it on FootballScoop

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Tennessee is in the mix now


I don’t see either one Tenn or FSU

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Its all over the news now. Going to interview at Tenn.

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Deja by all over again