Briles talking with Florida State

(Munzell Milluns) #61

Such a man of high honor.

(Ian Blake) #62

I am sure if another company in your field wanted to offer you a better job with twice the salary and unlimited resources you would pass?


I don’t get why you sign a contract if you aren’t willing to stay at least for 1 year. I mean come the f on. If he leaves it definitely crosses over the threshold of selling your soul to the devil scummy to me.


After signing an extension?


I hate this stuff! Is it me or does seem like every time this program has any success we are on death watch with other schools poaching our coaches? It also seems like our coaches get poached more than other schools. Success is great, but just for once I’d like to keep a coaching staff intact for more than 1-2 years.


Now all we need is a “nothing’s changed” tweet from him and then him leave a few days later… can you imagine this message board if that happens?.. O…M…G…


Has there been any talk about eating under the table in the locker room lately?

(Dan) #68

Checking in from Knoxville. Tenn wants Hugh Freeze radio has been talking about it non-stop for 10 days. Today is the first day they are discussing Briles in depth. I’ll be surprised, not shocked, if CKB gets hired by the Vols. The fans kind of run the asylum around here and they are big on SEC experience. Look up what happened with the botched Shiano hire for context.


No, but can you make that happen so I can at least know what it feel like to make such a big decision???!

(Cary) #70

That was an allegation. There has been no evidence of that.

(Munzell Milluns) #71

Who said he was being offered twice his salary by Tenn or FSU?


It is what it is. If he wants to go, let him go, and wish him well; however, while we won’t find another Kendal Briles (if he chooses to leave), I am optimistic that current UH leadership (including Pezman and Applewhite), can (or at least should), with some due diligence, of course, find a great offensive mind who can bring yet another exciting offense to UH.


Fans like you don’t deserve Briles and Clem as coaches of your team. You should do some homework before you throw that bs out.


Bad optics for Briles at best. Why sign a new deal to then keep interviewing?


Maybe he knows the team might not be very good next year.

(Ian Blake) #76

Tyson Helton was making 1.3 a year. So not quite double.


I know this response will get criticism from all the CMA haters, but I think CMA is a lot smarter than people give them credit for and I think he is currently learning if not has learned our new offense.

That being said, I wouldn’t expect them to run it like Briles, but I think that he could run a hybrid of this offense and do very good things. The big question would be does CMA have to run it himself (like Kliff) or would he be able to find someone that could run it for him.

Of course, this is all under the assumption that CKB leaves for another school. I honestly believe that he’s interviewing for next year, not this year.

I agree with everyone that this is very frustrating, but there is nothing that we can do. We just have to support the people that we know are 100% loyal to the school and that is the players.

(Sam) #78

Need to move quickly. Tech has/had two very good coaches who could replace Briles and Clements. Kevin Johns was OC at Tech this past year. Yes, I realize KK ran the show. Still, Johns was a successful coordinator at Indiana and Western Michigan, guiding both schools to top 25 finishes in scoring. Brandon Jones was OL coach at Tech (also played college ball there) and also at Cal for Dykes, where he was also running game coordinator, at East Carolina under Ruffin, and at SHSU before that. We would also very possibly steal a Tech recruit or two. Wouldn’t matter if they weren’t good, respected coaches, but they are.


I don’t consider the HC job at UMass an upgrade from the FSU job.


We might be out of the woods with FSU. We will see on Tennessee.