Briles talking with Florida State


You are right. Fans don’t deserve whatever crap Briles is pulling right now.

(Dan) #82

Agreed if you’re an independent not named BYU or ND you are completely irrelevant.


What if the reason why Briles is leaving is because he walked in the IPF and CMA was calling a variation of his plays? :joy:


“Oh hi, I was just showing them what we could have done against SMU.”

(Chris Vaughan) #85

Money changed everything. You pay guys millions of dollars. In return, they want winning and winning big. That’s all because money has ruined the college game. Pity is, some of this BS has infected he high school game and those guys don’t make millions of dollars.

(Munzell Milluns) #86

Do we want to rent Briles knowing that all recruits are looking at him like he’s one foot out of the halfway house?

Maybe better to hope he’s hired and start fresh and hire someone to recruit their own QB’s.

Pez could start writing reference letters on his behalf. (He could include a blank bank wire form for 1 million in the letter).

(Christopher) #87

When is this mess going to be official one way or the other? :unamused:

(Tom Green) #88

According to it was over 3 days ago! Psshh. :roll_eyes::neutral_face::neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow: #norespect


Good question this is BS, crap or get off the pot lol


The length of this process is starting to remind me of the time the Rockets traded Matt Bullard and Robert Horry to the Pistons for Sean Elliott. After several days, Elliott failed the physical, the deal was nullified and Bullard and Horry returned to Houston. It was quite awkward for a while, but the end result that year was an NBA championship. So who knows…

(Ben B) #91

We wish!!!


Yeah, but most of us didn’t want Sean Elliott…ALL Star on the Decline. Robert Horry and Matt Bullard rocked…


Right there with you. Both of those guys were fan favorites in my house growing up. I was devastated when I found out we traded them. Then a few days later everything was right with the world again.


Largely agree. Same song, difference verse with many things in our country’s history.