Briles to interview at Tennessee


We have fired people who wanted to be here like John Jenkins and Bill Yeoman. So…


Next year is Briles last season here if we win the conference or not

Lose the West and CMA is done. Either CKB is named HC or he’s onto a P5

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Has anyone asked Pezman or Applewhite about this?

(Chris) #205

Why would our A.D. divulge his next move? Do we know for a fact that Kendal signed his extension? We do not have the money to fire Kendal. So we have to wait and trust Chris. No matter the way you look at it our recruiting is going to suffer. As always the kids get hurt. At the same time the ncaa could care less.
I trust Chris into making the right decision(s)


Romanticizing the past does not make it true. There’s a judicial system since the time of hamurabi because contracts can’t rely on a handshake or word.

Our situation is nothing new.

That being said, it doesn’t mean it’s right.

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What should G5 schools do in order to stop these schools from taking their “not so good coordinators”. Increase the buy out by alot. Theres no way around it make them think twice. Either wait one more year like your contract stated or pay us a hefty fee. Simple.


This isn’t a comment about Briles so much, but my boss asked me a while back if I was looking for another job. I told him, “I’m always looking. And you know what? You should too.”

We smiled, agreed and moved on. The topic has never come up again, and it didn’t ever keep me from doing my job.

It isn’t wise to not always be looking for the next opportunity to grow in your career, stretch, and better provide for your family.

Briles ain’t dumb.

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Hammurabi for the win lol!!

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I haven’t. My last couple of job changes, I was called out of the blue by the company that hired me and asked to come in for an interview to see if I would like to work for them. The ones before that, I sent out my resume and went in for interviews. Each time I changed jobs, I was offered more to stay, but I said I had already accepted the position and told them I was coming, so I was going to do what I said I would do. BTW, when I just sent out resumes, there was no internet.


Whatever your profession is, this is pretty dumb. The future of many players is influenced by the “coach” that visits them. If he shows he is not interested in staying here, it is not a good sign. Anyways, going to focus on the basketball, and remember that not all UH grads are very smart. And believe me, as a two time, almost 3 time alum, I know many who don’t think things all the way thru to their logical conclusions. Briles is not dumb, but maybe you are. If you condone that, what is the point of being a Coog in the first place?


I’m done with this drama queen. He needs to S*it or get off the pot.

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“I know many who don’t think things all the way thru to their logical conclusions.”

If you read the comments on these threads, you will see many that do not have a good command of the English language and how to organize it and/or how to properly punctuate it.


I’m wondering why people on this board think CKB would want to be HC at UH. If he’s flirting again with P5s for OC he clearly would never be satisfied being a HC at UH. And no way Art will ever be accepted by UH again… I’m tired of this drama already.

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Maybe that is true, but this is a sports forum, not a grammar or writing class. I suspect that many of our posters are under the influence of adult beverages when they post. I also suspect that many are angry and that affects their presentation. However, I rarely have a hard time understanding what they are trying to say. But then, that is all I’m trying to do, I am not grading their posts for grammatical errors.


I agree CoogMan93. I cannot believe that the Briles would do that. Makes no sense unless he has no faith in the HC or/if he is just convinced of his “ability” to play anywhere with great success. What I have seen from Briles is his ability to show the world, each and every game we played this year, of his spread and or packages. It seemed to me to be broadcasting his “ability” more than actually winning the game at hand. As we have seen, when it counted, his play calling was not actually very effective. Of course, the King covered that up many times, as did Ward in previous offenses. Look, if the guy wants to go…let him go. But I agree, if he gets hired a way, let the other school (franchise) pick up the cost. On the other, what does UH do in this situation? Damn, its hard being a Coog! I think the administration should make a clean sweep, and hire on the low and hungry side…it is what has made this University great! Quit listening to the ESPN’s of the world, and look for the great coaches that exist within our area! Art made our team relevant again, surely there are many better balanced coaches in the wings…Just my opinion. Start over, but start better!

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And miss all these fun speculations:joy:


Oh do I have to write “through” . There, are you satisfied…Go Coogs


Not as if your grammar in this sentence was much better…

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Why would they pay more than he was obligated to by his signed contract?