Briles to interview at Tennessee

(Mike Higdon) #41

It will cost you more than you can imagine. To get out of the marriage will cost you and if you marry the 10, it will cost you the rest of your life. Girls that also know they are 10’s tend to be high maintenance and spoiled – and expect to stay that way. On the other hand, I would hope that all think their bride is a 10.

(Butch) #42

I am pretty sure most of these job interviews were set up before UH offered more money…that’s the biggest flaw of being a G5 team. No one can blame Briles for looking around…and guarantee you that if FSU or Tennessee or any other P5 school wants him a buyout wouldn’t be a problem.
Until we get an P5 invite, this will continue to be life in the big city. My biggest concern is that several of his recruits follow him or just flat out bail on our Cougars…
You guys criticizing Briles for thinking about leaving should shelve out the bucks to keep him here…


If these coaches spent the time they spend flirting with other programs recruiting maybe we wouldn’t have such horrendous depth issues. This shows no class on Briles’ part.

(PortlandCoog) #44

If you are going to continue to interview… then don’t sign a generous extension. If you continue to interview just shows you are playing us and using us for leverage.

This whole coaching carousel, coaching salary, P5 cartel is ruining the sport and is nothing but a pro sports league with cheap labor except for head coaches.


Hopefully Kendal realizes we’re the real 10 and sticks to his commitment. Either way he’s not hiding his long term goals as was LT Herman.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #46

Dormady to follow him?


If our coaches don’t stay why should the players? Oh wait, some players are already leaving before they are supposed to but that’s ok. Right.


He really could have it made here and maybe move up to HC once CMA moves on. Or he could have it made here and wait until something better opens up. Some have highlighted our stability as a program but I dont think our situation is more volatile than Tennessee and FSU. I’m surprised either coaches of those programs still have a job. One of these days fellas the madness will end.

Go Coogs!


Gotta stop falling in love with these guys. They could care less about us. All they’re looking for is the “next one.” He ain’t freakin’ Knute Rockne!


You do know that both of those coaches are in their first year

(Munzell Milluns) #51

I’ve seen a lot of egregious posturing in coaching but watching a guy sign for millions and then turn around and start fishing within 72 hours takes the cake.

Considering what I saw at SMU this smacks of insecurity.


Did he actually signed? Or maybe he had an agreement in principle but not yet executed.

(Brad) #53

Don’t sign a new contract and then interview other places immediately afterward. I defended him for lack of evidence, but this is clear evidence that he’s a douche. One year at FAU then one year at UH? Looking as though it’s like father, like son.


Duarte is awful quiet on the issue not a peep?

(Paul Marlow) #55

Any chance the DC hire is impacting this move? Other than that, it doesn’t make sense to sign the deal one day and interview a few days later unless you have new information or had every intent to leave if possible. At least the buyout will help the school if triggered. Maybe we can pay the DC more. Really strange…

(David) #56


Well at least the buyout will help pay for the next guy.


Art’s on ebay buying up some Vols gear so he can show up at their practices like he’s big time, and then do the same at their first game. “Love me some Vols, man. What’s their hand sign I can flash for the pics?”


What a shame, if true, NEVER hire any Briles again period!


Grass isn’t always greener on the other side, we are talking Tennessee here. Do you really want to coach in small-town USA??? I found out, I am no small town guy, that mess get boring quick even with cable…to each their own.