Briles to interview at Tennessee


Typical Briles…both former UH students, make their way back to Houston just to do us wrong…

(Dustin K) #62

Didn’t he already or is Waco the big time?


If Briles does take this job, he better get used to hearing Rocky Top 24/7.


Well, you have an excellent point there…

(Cristian) #65

You never hire people that did you wrong the first time they were here. No need for that but yet alot of people were wanting him here. One year isnt going to cut it. He should have made that buyout higher so we can stop these programs from reaching over here. Does anyone know if he was paid 700K immediately or is still in the 400K? Also does Levi go with him or Tune?


Hard to imagine he would leave after just signing an extension… maybe he never signed the dotted line? something is not adding up…

(Cristian) #67

If he does interview and doesnt get it and he hasnt signed the new contract with us. PEZ FIRE HIM ASAP.

(Tom Green) #68

700k is paid over 12 months like any other employee. It wasn’t a bonus or such.

(Tom) #69

Can’t blame the guy, if he sticks around , CMA is definitely toast next season . If he walks, CMA is safe. With that said, his offense is a beauty, hope he sticks around.



BS like this is why I’m getting just as jaded and cynical with college sports as pro sports.

(Dan) #71

Rocky Top is the jam topped only by Country Roads and our fight song.

(Munzell Milluns) #72

I’m not an attorney but would there be a clause that says we can just back out if he interviews elsewhere and doesn’t get the position?

What a cheese d###.

Btw…do we still want him for HC?

(Cougarpad) #73

I understand the money aspect but this is really unprofessional by Kendall, but he is Arts son after all. You do not sign a contract extension and go through all those motions to then start interviewing two weeks later for other positions. Apparently, Art and Kendall both could care less about being UH alumni.

Kendall is hurting the football program by doing this. You’re giving a false sense to the kids on the team and to recruits. Which begs the question is Kendall even doing any recruiting? This could really damage us in recruiting. Applewhite is out there telling kids about the exciting offense they can play in and how Kendall is a great coach who is on board with the program. Then the next day Kendall is publicly interviewing other jobs. Kendal must be really full of himself. He would be on his third team in three years, and this is after all the mess at Baylor. Why would any AD or head coach want to hire a guy with no loyalty who is always shopping for the next job? Hey, Tennessee do you want a one-year rental, because it looks like that is all Kendall is good for.

(Dan) #74

There was a picture on Twitter just last week of CKB and CMA together in a commit’s living room the day after he signed the extension and said he was staying. That solidified CKB was staying to me.

(Cougarpad) #75

Then he should turn down the interview. It is really bad optics. Honestly, I don’t see why everyone is so dead set on making him a head coach already. This is only his second year not attached to his dads hip in coaching. I think he still has some proving to do that he is head coach material. He got is a** handed to him by freaking SMU this past year. He was severely out coached and had no answer in adjusting to the SMU defense in that game.

(Brad) #76

I’m thinking about this more, and perhaps we should wait out the results. If Kendall has decided to stay, it might be good for recruiting to say that Tennessee and FSU came after him but he chose UH. That’s a big “if”, but perhaps just the kind of recruiting pitch we need.

(David) #77

I just hope the new Coog DC did not just sign an extension at another school [or rec league] or I might feel hypocritical about not liking this development with our OC!

I think it seems safe to say that Kendal is not going to be our Gary Patterson…


It’s one thing to hear it at the football game or from tailgates before/after the game, it’s another to hear it at the airport, hotel lobby, restaurants, Waffle House, probably the first hymn they sing in church. By time I got back, I never wanted to hear it again.

(Craig Wiggins) #79

No matter how you want to look at this it is the Coach’s who must decide on how they handle opportunities to make more money doing the same thing for UH. If it is for a Head Coaching possibility, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with CKB checking it out. But like others have said about just signing an extension that pays quite well can show a lack of class. Even if he has no intention of taking said job, I hope at the minimum he asked or talked to CMA and Pezman about it. Didn’t Pezman say there were some SEC schools asking about CKB and that’s why the extension was given?

(Munzell Milluns) #80

It just seems that contracts of this type would have a clause stating its NAV if you interview for a similar job within a certain period.

It seems it would be commonplace…considering how a program with more money could just buy in at the end after contract details are made public…with no risk to one party.

There are two parties here that have resources at stake.