Broodo, a Dow graduate, part of Houston team in NCAA Tournament

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When high school was over, Broodo wasn’t ready for his basketball career to be over. But finding the right fit took some time.

“I was dead set on trying to play basketball at the next level,” he said. “I got several offers from Division II schools, and some from Division I schools. I was also pursuing an engineering degree. I knew I had to go somewhere that fit that aspect of my life (as well).”

It turned out that Houston, back near where he was born, fit all of Broodo’s needs.

“Houston has an incredible coaching staff. Coach Sampson is probably one of the best coaches I’ve know so far,” Broodo said. “I knew around May that I wanted to come to Houston. I ended up talking to Coach Sampson briefly when I visited (the campus) in June…He didn’t know me at the time, but I guess he figured out that I would be pretty dedicated to developing myself.”