Buffalo Bills lost a good one

(Cristian) #1

Ed visited him i think 2 weeks ago.

(Joe) #2

Yeah. I’m and BIlls fan, I’ve met him a handful of times, granted they were both very short conversations. But he just loved making people smile. Always went out of his way to show respect to fans and players from all teams.


That was a nice story regarding EO and his visit. Ezra Castro was in Houston for cancer treatment and then hospice. Very cool that EO was able to do that. It meant the world to Ezra Castro in his final weeks.

(Joe) #4

The coolest thing was that he was supposed to be at the draft to announce the 2nd round pick. When things took a turn for the worst, the Bills FO called him, told him who the pick was, and to call the NFL office to solidify the pick