Building update: Law School, Medical School, Centennial Plaza, Arts Walk

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Quite a few updates in the last meeting.

Law school:

  • Budget: $90M
  • Square Feet 179k SF
  • Floors: 5
  • Completion: August 2022
  • Architect/Engineer: Shepley Bulfinch
  • Contractor: Austin Commercial
  • Much darker color scheme, looks pretty good too.



Arts Walk:
Closing off this street and making it more of a long park/green walkway with the intention to make the campus feel more walkable, welcoming, and memorable.

Centennial Plaza:
Don’t really have much information on this but it looks like they’re intending to link it with the athletic side of campus.

Medical school:

  • Budget: $80M
  • Square Feet: 130k SF
  • Floors: 3
  • Completion: August 2022
  • Architect/Engineer: Page Architects
  • Contractor: Vaughn Construction



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Plaza and arts walk would be great. Wonder what yr it will be complete.

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Plans for Law School looks impressive.

Arts Walk looks to be nice improvement with
great landscaping and sight lines.

Centennial Plaza looks to incorporate reduced lanes for Cullen Blvd and park like setting where Farrish Hall stood. Name seems kinda generic , but perhaps a mega donor opportunity there. Maybe it will be
a 2027 thing to reflect UH turning 100 years old ?

Med School is least favorite here in terms of a visual wow factor. A 1970s looking 3 story building. But it is a Med School. I never thought we would get one.


Wow! Thank you very much for this great update Ron. I don’t live in Houston any more and only come in for football games and Christmas. Every time I return to campus I am amazed at the incredible changes and improvements!


Careful with Centennial Plaza. That’s the old side of campus. They’ve already taken down the Quads, is nothing sacred? :rage:

Agree. I would hope Roy G Cullen and Science
buildings would remain forever, as they are the
2 original buildings. E Cullen should also always be campus center point. Quads should
have survived IMHO.

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The Cullen and science buildings should be untouched. That walkway and that law building look great. Hope they make the street a 2 way to connect it better. Would be better for the kids in the quads

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The Quads have been replaced with college housing standards of today and they look great. You can keep old academic buildings but student housing has to be up-to-date.

Moody towers are the last dorms on the chopping block. I would hate to see the iconic towers demolished and hoped that they would renovate them.

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I remember walking through the courtyard of the old quads a couple of years ago. The place was a eyesore, rundown buildings and horrible lighting. The new dorms that they replaced it with look great! I think I heard something about the university completely redoing moody towers. For students, moody towers is the worst of all the housing options. The elevators are horrible, you have to share restrooms and showers with lots of people and they have a rat problem. Can’t wait to see what it looks like after they remodel it!

I’ve stayed at CV and Quads before and I liked quads more because the space was bigger. Never actually been in Moody but I was told that out of the housing options that one was the worst.

From the outside quads looked the best to me and then moody looked kinda cool because it’s tall. Don’t remember if it’s taller than CV but that’s what made it look nice to me.

Does that mean Farrish Hall bit the dust? Guess I haven’t been on campus recently except for Fertitta Center.

Not yet but it’s been in the plans for a while now.

It’s still standing and used , but it’s on the schedule to be demolished in coming years. Anyone recall the year it’s scheduled for ?

Dayum that law school building looks KEWL!!!

I sure wish I could have gone to law school in a building like that!

That medical school building be u.g.l.y. Who makes decisions on these things?

Good question for the chancellor.

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