Busting brackets coach rankings

  1. Sampson
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Few nitpicks but overall a solid list. Holtmann, Sean Miller, and Jamie Dixon are too high imo.

Sampson, #28, recruiting scandal? Who is the clown who wrote this?

I didn’t go through the list in depth but CKS at 28th is ridiculous. He should be top 10 easy. They ding him for “scandals” he’s well past but have Pitino ahead of him right now?

I would also have Bennett at #1. 7th seems way too low. Virginia has been the best team in the ACC over the last 5 years or so under him and before that he finished 2nd and 3rd in the Pac at Wazzu (one of the hardest high major jobs out there) in two of this three years there.

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Definitely in the top 14!

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