But we’re headed towards a future of insanely cheap energy

Interesting article from The Guardian about
history of solar power development. Subject title was taken from a sentence in the article. Reminded me of the nascent nuclear energy positions of the 1950s…”to cheap to meter” !

WARNING - article portrays Australia and China
positively. Please do not read if this may upset you.

I recall seeing an article here, about the ecological consequences of potentially turning the Sahara into a giant solar farm. Thought that was a good article too; at least to get you thinking.

I think all we’re missing is an article or study that can show wind power will slow down the earths rotation :wink:

Man, perpetually in search of the free energy lunch.

Nah, we just want a fair deal at the pump instead of getting bent over.

When is the West going to wake up?

ccp solar energy panels?

Do we realize what is going on here?
How long is the West going to turn a blind eye on the ccp slaves camps?
Oh sure we can get real cheap energy.
Oh sure we can get really cheap tennis shoes.
Oh sure we can get real cheap underpants.

We keep hearing how terrible America was during the slavery era.

Is anyone in d.c. appalled with the ccp slaves camps?
Is anyone in d.c. remotely interested about the ccp slave camps?
The swamp does not care. It keeps getting “gifts” HUMAN DIRTY GIFTS.

During the hitler’s regime many including America turned the other away and ignored what he (hitler) was plotting.
This is what the ccp is all about.

World domination at whatever the human cost is.
By the way is the dictator in an electric car?

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So, to get the thread back on track…current efficiency of mass produced solar cells is about at 22% per the article. The two “fathers” of the technology believe its possible to get efficiency to
40% via stackable cells that utilize other elements
that react to the other wavelengths in sunlight combined with silicon strata too. No doubt thats
a more difficult and thus expensive cell to mass produce. Is 40% the magic number for massive
rollout ?

Article notes 40% is achievable today with mirror
focusing technology, but thats probably not deployable widely on rooftops and with a decentralized power grid.

You knew exactly what you were doing when you posted this article. The Guardian piece that I brought up among many others speaks loudly of what the chinese solar industry is made of. It is perfectly fine to bring up technology articles but the minute you bring up the chinese solar industry you have to expose what is behind their manufacturing procedures. You can’t it bring up without pointing out:
ccp slave labor The two are intertwined.

The solar/mirror technology itself is nothing new and no they are not the so called fathers of the technology. BASF, SIEMENS, VEOLIA and many others European companies are way ahead.

Please re-read the article.
Post relevant events and inventors of solar cells and development and current research.

If you wish to discuss the evil economic makers “ cheap underpants”, “cheap sneakers”, etc , make a thread for it !

Think the flag boys are back.

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You can’t have it both ways when you post an article that specifically mention…
Sure turn the other way NRGCoog. Slaves do not matter. I know you are better than that. Just take a pause and realize why…is where they are right now and where they are heading. We the West have been taken for suckers for way too long. The d.c. swamp made it happen for them.

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