BXII champ will not make the CFP again

for the second year in a row,

WIsconsin faces PennSt for the B1G and OhioSt is already in along with Clemson and Bama. sooo the B1G will probably have two leaving out the Pac12 and BXII

The small12 can go to pluto as faras I am concerned. Every single one of us should boycott their games. Remember, they are the reason why we are in this predicament.


Technically speaking, it’s two out of the last three years. OU made it into the CFP last year.

You are correct. It’s been a long day I am in Austin without my iMac and typing on my iPad which is slower than molasses

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Hopefully this brings about a change to 8 teams in the playoffs with the G5 champ getting an auto slot.

Don’t count on it. The P5 will want, demand and get a bigger piece of the pie. This will always be about the strength of schedule. The CFP will argue that a one or even two losses team(s) is/are better than an undefeated G5 Team.

If they decide on P5 champs getting a slot, it’ll be hard not to throw a bone towards the top G5 champ. They’ve realized that’s the answer to keep Congress at bay while still minimizing the impact that a G5 can make on the field.

Plus, they’ll see it as a bye week for the #1 seed most years; or a good Cinderella story that drives ratings if they can pull the upset.

I do hope that you are right. So far the cartel has operated like…a cartel.
Will a G5 invite to CFP mean that their payday be much less that a P5 Team? That is what they are doing with the G5 team invited to a NYE bowl.

More than likely.

If they go to 8, I don’t think there will be any auto qualifiers. It will be just like with 4. The top 8 teams go. If two G5s are in the top 8, two G5s go. If a G5 is undefeated but ranked 9th, then they go to an NY6 bowl.

The point of going to 8, isn’t to give automatic spots to conference champs. It’s more of just making sure every team that has an argument for being in the top 4, gets a spot. Like this year, Washington, Wisconsin, Penn State, OU and Michigan can all be argued that they are deserving of that 4th spot in the playoffs.

I’m not going to act overjoyed that the Big12 is probably going to be left out because technically, us losing to SMU and Memphis is a good chunk of the reason OU has very little chance of making the top 4.

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