BYE Week much?


8 games straight without a bye week? If we would have played UTSA it would have been 9 games. Some have mentioned strength and conditioning possibly being an issue here, but what about scheduling? Yurachek, you have some explaining to do.


Are you serious? You’re blaming our lack of a perfectly-placed bye for this? USC is playing 12 games in a row. We can handle 7.

(gpropes) #3

Go complain to the league office. Hunter doesn’t make the conference schedule.


What reasons do you think it’s a perfectly placed bye? I"m not blaming poor execution on a bye week. I’m suggesting it may be contributing to our collapses in the second half of games.


I said lack of a perfectly-placed bye. But it does come right in the middle of our conference schedule, which I do like.

This team has been collapsing in the second half since week 3. None of our opponents are having that issue. It’s on the coaching staff, not the schedule.


I’m not sure it matters about conference schedules, I think it matters about total amount of games played before the bye. It also isn’t in the middle; we are about to be 8 games in when there 11 games on the schedule. Are all of our opponents having a bye after 8 games straight? Again, I’m not attributing our collapses to scheduling, I’m suggesting it is merely a contribution.

(Patrick) #7

That would be a S&C issue or depth issue if our players aren’t able to hold up over a full season.

(norb) #8

The team took their week of at Tulsa.



(Dan) #10

As fans we can take a bye week this week like SEC fans do the week they play Bama. No way we’re beating USF in Tampa. (I’m not comparing USF to Bama it’s just an example.)

Come back 4-4 cheer for that bowl eligibility.