BYU community vs UH community

It seems to me that while the BYU community brings their kids, parents and grandparents out to watch their college FB team play ball, the UH community sits at home on the keyboard and flags/blocks the posts of others that they don’t like.

Looks like they really packed 'em in at the UTSA game.

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Hate to break it to ya, but it wasn’t until this week that the state of Utah announced that BYU can allow fans in the stadium for home games. And it’s only 6k. We probably had that many in tDECU last Friday.

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What a beautiful mountain view!


I figured that was the case since only cutouts are in the stands.

Yes, well I think that the sad truth of the matter is that Cy Fair High School in NW Houston may well be outdrawing UH this season - and this post will most likely will be blocked as well.

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I honestly have a hard time believing people are complaining about attendance this year. I guess it’s hobby for some folks.


It’s either attendance, game times, or the weather.


Mark complains every year about stuff. It’s a hobby of his


Well stated.
There is no excuse especially when a 13 ranked school comes to campus. Now we know that this lack of attendance is not new. I have written the same point over and over. This is a marketing issue as well. We have a great business school ( I am biased/my major) It is “freaking” time that business/marketing heads together with our ticket office. Have they already done so? I have been asking for years. I never got a straight answer. Mr. Fertitta made his fortune based on hospitality. Is going to our own stadium hospitality?

I am with you. When offered the refund to sit this season out, I took it. Between UH and my wife’s school, we had close to $4k to $5k at risk for tickets / parking / donations. Add in a family of 4 to eat before / during / after a game and it is even more. I am happy for those who want to roll the dice but I wasn’t going to do that. There were other factors as well but the money aspect made the decision easy for us: let’s sit out the 2020 season and reassess for 2021 when the dust settles. This may be the first season I have not been to a UH game since I enrolled at UH in the mid ‘80s. If my kids’ sports schedules allow, I may see if I can pick up a ticket and keep the streak alive.


Why can’t we get our Coogs to take football as serious as BYU takes religion?
Is this thread for real? The two aren’t comparable


Some of our actions motivated UH to market whatever the heck we do to people, explaining why most of our merch got taken down which took out our main source of fundraising the organization

Alums, step up and do the same. Do something that will take the eye of UH and they can take advantage of it on social media.

100k+ Houston alumni in the area and 10k that aren’t scared of the virus/have little exposure risk (in terms of people being exposed to them) aren’t willing to show up.

And yes, people have said ‘if we’re scared of corona, we probably got it already’. But they’re staying away from adults I guess (and truly wearing their masks).

But yes, THIS year is a HUGE exception.

Sundance is up that canyon about ten miles…


Our last game at BYU, my wife and I made the roadie with another UH couple, made a time of it. Spent the night at Salt Lake City, did the tour of the church (Mormon Tabernacle Choir), then went to Provo for the game, next day lunch at Sundance, then spent a couple of nights at Park Cities.
It was a great trip, and we will probably repeat the same next year😃

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I did lunch at Sundance once when I was in Lindon, UT. It was really nice. A bit overpriced for me but it’s Sundance so… Definitely worth the trip at least once if you find yourself in the area.

I have liked SLC each time I have been there (three different trips). I wouldn’t mind making the road trip for the UH-BYU game when it happens especially if in Sep so I can escape the Houston heat for a few days.


I enjoy playing BYU. I wish we could keep this series going.


In some places, their team’s football is a religion. Places like Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa, Athens, GA, etc.


Returning from a UH/Tulane game several years ago, we stopped at Baton Rouge and attended church at the First Baptist Church there.

The pastor spoke in his sermon about witnessing to someone about attending church on Sunday.

The man told the pastor he was already attending church on Saturday night at Tiger Stadium.

Yeah, many have different gods, especially when the P5’s are concerned. Though BYU has a good athletic program, the P5’s will never make allowances for them, like no sports on Sunday’s.

The P5’s and their school gods rule and unless BYU bows down and change. Whatever form of college FB is allowed in the near future, it will still not include BYU. (and UH, Memphis, Cincinnati, UCF, etc.)

Just like many are realizing a double standard in law enforcement that has existed between what political party one supports. College FB has had a similar double standard for several decades now and like the law enforcement, this double standard is only going to get greater, not closer.

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And I will also add that SLC airport is wonderful…small, clean, uncrowded. Whenever I fly East, I try to connect through it if there isn’t a nonstop…

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