BYU found their luck in the 2nd half

We should have saw that coming lol

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Awww my original title was hilarious

Knock off the religious jokes. Keep it about football.

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BYU have good athletes and are well coached. We hung with them for the first half, but they outclassed us with their talent in the 2nd half.


Too many stupid penalties for us to have a chance.

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BYU fan here.

BYU is a Jeckle and Hyde team. The officiating was horrific. We got calls we shouldn’t have gotten, penalties not called on us which should have been called, as did you. The numbers may have evened out, but I’m not sure the situations were the same. I hate sloppy game calling, even when it benefits my team because I know next time it won’t.

In one of first posts here I said a 3 man rush wouldn’t work against you guys. Our idiot DC tried it anyway for the entire first half. Only after our HC took the play calling away from him in the second and made it 4 man did the tide turn. Even then you almost took the lead from us with 12 minutes left.

Both sides got a little heated and I’m sorry about that. Houston is a great team with a proud history, you deserve respect for the kind of men your program produces.

Mostly, I think we got lucky to have found a groove which turned the tide in our favor at the end. I checked the game off as a loss until then.

Now, as I said a few weeks back, please go and run the table. It’s what I would want for the Coogs even if the game had ended the other way. You are one of the best, if not the best, non automatic qualifiers we ever get to play: talent, coaching, and class. As another non automatic qualifier, we need to root for each other. Your fans who I have met are all great people.

I’d like this to be an annual event. I know that most of our Ws were little more than coin flips. That’s what makes football fun.

Momentum is a strange thing in football. Get a little of it behind you and you look world class. Glad we got it last. Didn’t expect that we would.


I thought we controlled the 3rd qtr. Wilson came alive in the 4th which corresponded with our zone defense. I thought our offensive playcalling went south in the 4th too.


To me it all comes down to BYU making the plays when the game was on the line, and we didn’t. BYU’s drive after UH took a 26-14 lead was critical. They never let up after that, and we made mistakes and couldn’t get back the momentum.

I still like a lot of what I see from this team, and we are much improved from last year, just need consistency, which may come from just getting more games under our belt.


exactly, its like we tried to play their game in the 4th instead of sticking with what worked for us.
also we could have tried some screen plays, more tight end targets, we didn’t need to force long throws…don’t know if that was tune or OC.


I don’t care who the opponent is.UH isn’t paying a coach that absurd contract to get dominated in the 4th quarter in that manner. It’s like BYU just flipped a switch and UH had no answers. Unacceptable. I let Dana slide last year, not this one. If they lose next week, which I don’t think they will, I will start wondering if he is the right choice for this program.


Agree that a loss next week at Navy will be a really bad indicator. That’s a game we need to win, for lots or reasons.


Lest we forget, BYU and other Coog opponents have multiple games under their belts. That’s a big deal.

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Spot on. When Tune was not pressured he lit up the BYU defense. When BYU turned up the heat up front it was good for stopping both the passing and run-in game. Yes, the officiating was terrible. Those were Big 12 officials who were not going to give Houston anything. They were also slow, took away any momentum. The kids on the BYU side are generally larger than we are and are very disciplined. I think BYU turns up 10-0 and in the playoff conversation.

We actually had the lead after 3 Qtrs. MO turned after the missed 2 pt conversion. A missed interference call on Singleton hurt + byu dline stunts resulting in sacks, dropped passes, off target throws & we let it slip away. Gm much closer than the score! Dline was solid all night!! We had a top 13 team on the ropes playing their 5th gm to our 2nd! Lotsa postives to build on!! Lets be positive & encourage our young men to continue working & raise the bar!! Lots left to achieve!! One thing I know for sure…CDH will motivate our Coogs to play their hearts out!! This season gonna be special!! Our guys need our support like there’s no tomorrow right now!! Lets goooo!!

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I work with Tune’s dad. I reached out to discuss the BYU gm. He made a point to share that Clayton indicated that the BYU team was the nicest, classiest team he has ever played against going back to peewee FB. Clayton said they were complimentary of his/teams effort all night and especially on the crafty 3rd down sneak conversion. A BYU dlineman was joking saying “what a great play that was as he was on one knee chatting with his teammate & boom the ball was snapped & first down!! Wilson also sought Clayton out after the gm to make a point to say awesome gm! Just unheard of in this day & time! Congrats to the BYU Cougs on exemplary sportsmanship!! All the best to them rest of the way!!


I noticed after the game both teams were really chatting with each other, not just walking back to the sidelines. I talked with our son the next day and he was very upbeat. Not like expected after a loss. He praised BYU and their level of play. Said they had some really good plays that were on another level.


Yep. Their OC caught us in several misdirection plays ((over 4 at least) in the 4th Quarter. As a football fan, they were beautiful. As a Coog Fan, they spelled disaster for us. Extremely well executed. One was an intentionally low snap to their QB, who then intentionally made it look like he was fumbling, which led to a huge play.
These plays were flawlessly executed…

Your statement is what I told my two boys who were with me. BYU pulled out all the stops on Friday. Reverses, double-reverse, onside kick, the play you mentioned above. They threw the kitchen sink at us. And yet we were ahead at the end of the 3rd quarter.

There is a lot to build on and areas to improve, but it looks like we have a pretty good team this year that will continue to get better.


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