C/O ‘20 Jamal Shead commits to Coogs

espn 100 list mark as a top 100 4star

note espn is the only network that has made major changes for 2020 so far…the people that rank mark as 3* (247 and rivals) havent made major changes to to their class yet…
mark’s composite is bad becuase rivals has him in the 300-400 range, but they havent updated him in ages…his measurements alone will get him way higher before that (6’6 and still growing)…note his 247 page has the wrong height and a picture of him at 14

i actually think Mark will finish a composite 4star, because of measurements and his aau team made peach jam (nike aau finals/the biggest evaluation event of the year)…

jamal is the one that will have a hard time finishing a 4star, his aau team didnt make peach jam…so aau season is done for him (no more major evaluation events)…, not unless he decides to switch circuits and join a adiddas/under armor team but the fact he committed a day after being eliminated from peach jam makes think he is done …
his rating wont drop, but many player in peach jam/other circuits will jump him

Looking at ESPN’s 2020 top 100 right now is kind of wild. Us and Gonzaga are the only teams with more than 1 top 100 recruit (obviously the vast majority of those guys haven’t committed yet).

Gonzaga is p5 right.

Check out these highlights

For anyone in the know, how is he as a defender?

Top of the line. A showcase defender.


he is 4star almost exclusively for defense…he is debated as potentially the best perimeter defender in the 2020 class…his offense needs work


all the plays in the first 30seconds of this clip are all jamal…

all 3 offensive payers in that clip are all 5star

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Nice! Some kids are so talented that offense comes naturally to them. However, I’m a big believer that good defense is 95% effort. If uber talented kids are willing to give that kind of effort on defense, the sky is the limit. Can’t wait to see what the Sampson fam can do with him.

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Unless we’re just splitting hairs on what you mean by “good defender”, I think the % is too high. However, I think that with good effort and attitude, a player can much more adequately fit into a good defensive scheme even if lacking a bit in measurables/athleticism/lateral quickness/ability vs. doing the same on offense.

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Probably the best in the country as far as guards go, from what ive heard. Seriously.

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Now this is what I like to hear from players!


Thanks guys for the clarifications about stars and stuff. In the final analysis, the only grade I care about is the one that CKS gives the kid. If CKS wants him, that’s all I really need to know. I was wondering if one would reconsider if both playing PG; but with one at the 1 and the other at the 2, it could be really special.


Shead had no real offers other than Aggie! What gives?

No idea. That’s a better question for @Progs and others on here.

Just heard on the Texas Top 100 Basketball Podcast that Micah Peavy is a Legitimate 6’8 now and is the 2nd best player in the 2020 class to Greg Brown (they said the rankings need ro bw updated on many sites). They said for the Pro Skills team the offense goes thru him and they did a player comparision to Giannis from the bucks. Micah dominates the 2 point/paint area. His jump shot is improving too. I want wither him or Aku next

Regarding Shead he transferred to his high school this past season and this was his first spring on the Eybl-Nike circuit. Aka big colleges havent seen him till this past fall/spring season.

It’s early in the process. Looks like he was hearing from Michigan State and Tech and I’m sure he would have picked up more offers. But I will defer to Progs/Pesik and the others who follow this stuff a lot closer than I do.

But an offer from A&M is legit and the evaluation of CKS is what matters most.

For those who follow hoops recruiting it seems like it is more rare for a hoops recruit to decommit and flip then a football recruit. Maybe that’s just a numbers thing. Would you say that’s accurate.

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Micah Peavy has an outside shot to make a huge leap to top 15. As crazy as that sounds, its legit!

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we are still early into summer…at this time last year caleb mills had zero offers

if he held out longer , he would have had tons of bigger offers…texas tech, texas, colorado were all about to offer

note that we are getting alot of way early commitiments the only 2 major recruits in texas to commit at all are mark and shead