C/O ‘20 PG Tramon Mark commits


Commits to Coogs.

College Basketball Recruiting

I like that…sounds like he’s ready to let the coaches mold him.

Welcome to championships and nice things young man!


Welcome to the Coogs Tramon!!!


that was quick ,i was just reading about him the other day… i didnt think he was commting for a while

welcome aboard

(bg) #5

Looks like he is left handed but uses his right just as well.



article with quotes on why he committed

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #7

There is a really good youtube on he Tramon Mark vs LJ Cryer.

(Patrick) #8

BOOM! Nice pickup


I think this helps us with LJ Cryer. Great pickup!

(Butch) #10

Great pickup whether we get Cryer or not. Tramon is a special player and has unlimited potential. I love that he knows coach Sampson and staff will make him a better player. He is a great pickup…

(Ryon Adams) #11



Get one of Jamal Shead, LJ Cryer, or Reece Beekman for our PG in this class.

Get Micah Peavy. If we miss on Peavy, I could see Ledee being our wing player in this class.

Get Jonathan Aku.

(Jerrycoog) #13

We are getting bigger on the perimeter slowly but surely.


Good Luck playing Ledee on the Wing… Hes a Center these days!!!

(Dan) #15

Very nice and a local product. We can become the go-to school in the city very quickly. Stable coaching staff, sweet 16, Jordan school, great facilities, G5 is not a thing in hoops.

(David) #16

When can he actually sign?

(Jerrycoog) #17



ledee is a wing…he isnt a good center and the sole reason he wasnt getting minutes at ohio state …they tried to play him at center, and he cant defend centers despite his offensive potential…

he is a stretch 4 , and in the nba if he makes it that far he will be a 3


Bingo. That’s absolutely right.


He said a wing but you described a stretch 4 lol