C/O ‘20 PG Tramon Mark commits


Tramon Mark State Rankings

TexasHoops #5
247 #7
247 composite #12
Rivals NR (at best 13th)


Noice. Welcome aboard!

(Sam) #23

I’ve seen him, and he’s big-time. He’s versatile and could play PG, SG, or SF. He can run, create, shoot the 3, and he’s 6’4. I expect big things from him.

(Matt Jackson) #24

From an ESPN Summer evaluation of last year.

" ESPN Analyst
Updated 07/12/2018

Tramon is a very talented lefty combo guard. He is best with the ball in his hands but can be very effective playing off the ball. He is a streaky shooter with range to 22 feet. When he is dialed in offensively he can be a devastating weapon. Mark can also be a creative passer and facilitator.

Mark is very talented. There is no doubting his ability. The main issues with him currently are consistency and staying in control. He can disappear and coast at times leading to non productive moments. He can also sometimes force things and become out of control. As he continues to mature he should fix those aspects of his game and begin to reach his immense potential.

Bottom Line:
As a pure talent there aren’t 5 better guards in the 2020 class. Once Tramon learns to consistently channel his efforts productively he should be one of the most sought after and talked about players in the class."


Is this the looming boom?.. or was the LoomBoom perhaps just a bad prediction on cazzie russell committing to UH instead of michigan?

(Thomas) #26

Tramon Mark is right on the mark with what he says about Kelvin Sampson. Not only is this guy pretty good at BB, but he is smart and is able to analyze what Sampson has done for other players before him to make them better.

(Butch) #27

Sounds like Jarreau to me…coach will love teaching this kid and from what I have heard he is an humble and coachable kid.
Would be nice to sign Cryer now and keep that Houston area ride going…


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Just what I was thinking… 2 questions:

Is he a 4-star like Hinton or Deeky?

Is he really 6-3 or 6-4 or 6-5? His height is all over articles …

(Butch) #29

He is a high 3 star by most services but a four star according to ESPN…regardless, this kid is a great addition to the Cougar family…
And of course he has another year in high school…
I am pretty sure he is in the 6-4 range…but he could be taller or a tad shorter…

(Jay C.) #30

This dude is the real deal. He’s been the best player for Dickinson since he stepped on campus as a freshman, and Dickinson has won district 2 of his 3 years there, and finished 2nd the other year. Going into the year, I figured he was going to A&M all the way, but this last season combined with kelvin staying apparently turned the tide in our favor.

If we can land Cryer and pry Peavy away from Tech, the 2020 class will be the best weve had in a LOOOONG time.

(Patrick) #31

(Patrick) #32


Any chance he graduates early and gets in midseason and starts working with the team similar to Caleb Mills? To me, that will pay huge dividends to any player that goes that route.


Number 11 in blue in this video. He’s got good size, handles, and athleticism. Able to use his shiftiness to create his own shot and create for others.


Since @bigmccoog and @81UHEX were discussing his height earlier, this video is interesting:

The very beginning shows the entire Dickinson basketball team. Mark is the tallest person on the entire team. Looks like he leans more towards 6’5" than 6’3".


(Mike Higdon) #37

It really doesn’t matter what his star ranking is with the media folks; what matters is his ranking with Coach Sampson. I have learned to trust his judgement above all of the media guys. He has taken low ranked players and done well with them, making them into better players than some of the highly ranked kids. Coach Lewis was good at that and it served us well.

When we brought Brooks back to the staff I was not really happy due to his performance as a head coach. But, I have to admit, he has done well here and is a real asset in recruiting. I was wrong – and am glad I was.


also its too early to focus on rankings now, in about 4 moths it will be drastically different after the evaluation period

at this point 2 years ago, hinton was unranked, at this point last year mills was unranked with no offers

mark was actually dealing with an injury a month ago, so im noit sure if he can play but if he is able to play he will have a great chance to move up, his aau team is the best in Houston playing against the top league (nike eybl)…
and someone from that team blows up every year
(donovan willimas was unranked at this point last year, today he is a top 60 recruit)

(Sam) #39

Yes. He’s as tall as Jalen, who is 6’5 (I just asked him) and behind him in the video. Jalen is the TE who signed with Aggy.

(PMM) #40

So, he is smarter than Jalen…:sunglasses: