C/O ‘20 PG Tramon Mark commits

(Patrick) #41

Basketball is such a crapshoot when it comes to rankings. Outside of the truly top guys, there just isn’t that much effort put into evaluating. Just not the money maker football is (and even that isn’t great).

Again, if the guys running the services were any good, they’d be hired as coaches.


Lots of arc on his jumper. Gotta love that.


Agreed. I think a better method is to look at who else is offering a player. Mark has some pretty good offers (especially the OU one).

(bg) #44

Cryer retweeted this tweet…

@K4KTeamKemistry 12hrs
I mentioned a dream backcourt of @RealBuckets11 & @Lj_cryer3 attending @UHCougarMBK in the boom boom room on @RcsSports …well we’re officially halfway there,imagine if the other half committed to da “CITY”!!! https://t.co/c5I6VA77CB

(Thomas) #45

Will there be moth balls???

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #46

Really doesn’t mean much that he retweeted it but I guess it doesn’t hurt to show him some love.
I know every kid has his reasons but it is hard to understand why a kid from a great family in Katy would want to play in the middle of no where in Indiana.

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #47

We are so limited on ships. With the Mark commitment we have a total of three ships available for this class and the November class. Per Rothstein we are hosting Jaedon Ledee this weekend. We possibly could have another transfer visit for the 2019 class this spring. And we have multiple offers for the 2020 class. and Kellen has recently started following a 6’ 10 230 2020 post from Orange Texas named Valentin Catt. And we know about our looking at Aku.

Our staff will have tough decisions going forward on who gets our few ships.

(Yobahnmi) #48

That is a great problem to have isn’t it?

(Butch) #49

I have always been a Brooks fan when it comes to recruiting…he recruited well for Foster and brought in a top 10 class his first year as head coach…unfortunately he never got the team to where us fans wanted it…

(Chris) #50

Being a local “product” is what stands out for me. That alone is a BOOM.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #51

If our coaches are doing their jobs we will be relevant in this city and no reason we should not get some of the top dawgs. Saying that, I want the best players we can get regardless of where they come from.


Who’s dis about ???


If Jarreau and Hinton have decent seasons, they both could be gone. Looks like we’ll dodge dis “leaving early for the draft” predicament this year. But going forward, who knows…

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #54

Eventually we are going to lose guys early. In 2 years we will be to the point on our roster that we can take the hit and recover.


Mark is wiry and has a long stride. I see some Cuttino Mobley in his game


I think Nate is more than one year away, but there’s the possibility he could blow up next year.


I do too. Hes shot needs some refinement.


Get 3 of the best 10-15 kids out of the Houston area every year and you’ll have a Top 20 program forever. The excitement created by the team the last two seasons along with CKS seems likely to make this happen.

(Thomas) #59

No way do I see either one of these guys leaving after next year.


Hinton is a long shot and overrated by some of our members. He’s heavy footed to a degree, and his jump shot is poor. He will improve, tho.

Jarreau, CKS wanted him to test the NBA waters dis year, but Jarreau didn’t declared fast enough. But I could see him play professionally next year if he has a big year.

Hypothetically, I could see CKS grab a transfer and a Tyreek Smith. If a Jarreau declares, CKS would still have 3 ships to give.


Would look like a nice 3 man class.